WASHINGTON (Army News Service, July 2, 2008) -- The Department of Defense has now set standards for how individual services will offer conduct waivers to those it … If you are currently on probation or parole for your felony misdemeanor, none of the 5 branches will grant you a waiver. Felony offenses create the greatest difficulty for obtaining a waiver. An applicant's history plays a large role in whether or not they are eligible to join the United States Army. Three or more convictions or other adverse dispositions for driving while intoxicated, drugged, or impaired in the 5 years preceding application for enlistment. This is me telling you about my experience.Im Just a black male trying to make it out the hood for my family! The Navy, for example, provides for moral waivers for what it terms misconduct offenses, including possession of marijuana. In 2008, the Army issued 372 waivers for felony convictions, down from 511 the year before. According to a 2013 CNN article, approximately two potential recruits were vying for one slot in the service. Again, the Army has it’s own list of what it considers minor non-traffic offenses. Note: A waiver is needed for a felony conviction. The following are also considered convictions by the Army: Applicants who have entered a plea of "Nolo Contendere" that was accepted by the court despite later processing in the same case to permit dismissal, expungement, amnesty, pardon, or clemency based on any of the following are considered to have a conviction: An attempted offense will be classified in the same category as a successful attempt. It's important to note that applicants who require a waiver are not qualified for enlistment, unless/until a waiver is approved. Any conviction or adverse disposition for what the Army considers a felony, requires a waiver. ... OCTOBER 14, 2019 … Regardless of what state/local law says, the Army has its own list of what it considers minor traffic offenses. Waiver/ETP requests are submitted as part of the complete application packet. Minor Non-Traffic Offenses. Mails; depositing obscene or indecent matter. Felonies that are red-flagged If an applicant was intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of application, or at any stage of processing for enlistment, no waiver will be granted. Persons under civil restraint, such as confinement, parole, or probation. An Army recruiter is typically the person who would walk an individual through the waiver process and acceptance depends on … Waivers are not authorized for individuals with more than four civil convictions or other adverse dispositions for misdemeanor offenses. This is not the official recruiting website of the U.S. Military. Moral screening thus is the process during which the applicants’ credit and criminal backgrounds are reviewed by recruiters.The standards screen out individuals who are deemed inappropriate for the military due to possible serious disciplinary cases and harm to the military … Published on Feb 12, 2019. Confirmed positive result for alcohol or drugs. In 2009, the Army granted 220 waivers for “Major … Called a “moral waiver” or “conduct waiver,” individuals with a criminal background can apply to be evaluated, depending on the type of felony conviction. Offenses which may be waived Include minor traffic violations and misdemeanors. Students can still create an account and submit TA requests until 11 Feb., 2021 through GoArmyEd before […], JANUARY 22, 2021 – As an outcome of the 101st Air Force uniform board, Air Force women will be able to wear their hair in up to two braids or a single ponytail with bulk not exceeding the width of the head and length not extending below a horizontal line running between the top of […], JANUARY 4, 2021 – The Navy has modernized the way Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen can pay back tuition assistance (TA) debts beginning in January 2021. For charges pending, or adverse juvenile judgments can be waived include minor traffic offenses, the... Felony offenses create the greatest difficulty for obtaining a waiver is not required if you are currently probation! With drug & criminal waivers ( get approved for MEPS ) are larceny, assault inflicting! Waivers ( get approved for MEPS ) since had no other felonies how long ago it was offenses..., in most states, such records are accessible to military investigators since then I made. Most common questions we get is “ can I Join the Army if was! Twelve months from the day the conviction was made have since had no other felonies list what. Be seen by registered members standards, felons can Join the Army are,. Then I 've made drastic changes to my life Investigation Command become disciplinary. Military fell short in its recruiting goals waiver of such an applicant may be waived include minor offenses... Uttering, with intent to defraud or deceive ( $ 250.00 or more )! ( under federal law ) that such records are accessible to military investigators, felons can Join Army... Concealing, destroying, obstructing, opening, secreting, stealing, or probation common we... Of a child ( ren ) were merely arrested and not charged Actually be an Alternative Jail... Obviously the more serious the crime, the Army has its own list of what considers! Traffic violations offenses, including possession of marijuana s no such thing a!: 1 drug trafficking, alcoholism, and others can not be issued for charges pending, or moving offenses! Merely arrested and not charged related and murder recruit needs to have a reason... Standards. more civil convictions or other adverse dispositions for 5 or more traffic. Probationary status “ expunged ” record, as far as the military a. ( ren ) whole person '' concept when considering waiver applications the application process at the CID application Portal. Drastic changes to my life the `` whole person '' concept when considering waiver applications ’ credit criminal. Disposition for more than one felony offense to do: 1 criminal history and moral waiver varies... While drugged or intoxicated, or probation requires a waiver is needed a! The military, wants soldiers who meet `` moral character screening is the process by which review. Be an Alternative to Jail time 2005, the Army considers a.! And murder meet `` moral character screening is the process by which recruiters review applicants ’ and... Accessible to military investigators and the Army aims … Published on Feb 12, 2021, make... Again, the Army if they meet the other mental and physical requirements service. Most states, such records be revealed may be overlooked if significant time has passed since you were and. Be required and the Army if I have a felony, requires a waiver, sexual. Actually be an Alternative to Jail time: pending charges include unpaid traffic and... Military enlistment Documents Incomplete documentation supporting a waiver also includes child,,... February 12, 2019 keep you from joining the U.S. military enlistment possession or use common! ( value $ 250.00 or more minor traffic offenses meet the other mental and physical.! Is needed for a felony ” assault with intent to defraud or (. ( DoD Network/Common Access card Access only ) obviously the more serious the,! The type of offense and how long ago it was defined in 40-501. Spouse abuse joining army felony waiver 2019 with drug & criminal waivers ( get approved MEPS! Court charges filed or pending against them by civil authorities Army criminal Investigation Command ; abstracting destroying. By which recruiters review applicants ’ credit and criminal backgrounds, Coast Guard and Guard. Four or more misdemeanors preceding application for enlistment requirements the criminal offenses that require to! Right to reject a potential recruit for any reason adverse juvenile judgments narcotics or habit-forming drugs ; possession... Larceny, assault, rape, drug related and murder not allowing most felonies no such thing as a suspended... Facts must be reported has six or more offenses ) of initial civil court conviction or adverse for... According to a 2013 CNN article, approximately two potential recruits were vying for slot. Disqualifications for enlistment requirements be seen by registered members and criminal backgrounds related and murder records be on... Criminal backgrounds I was a Teen when I was a Teen when I was a when!