The transmitter runs on a 12V battery that is just operated on an ON/OFF function. Get this remote control and your gas fireplace will be under your control form where you are sitting. It features convenient on/off switch allow you to set the optimal temperature with ease from your fireplace. And that’s what a gas fireplace is all about. In just seconds, you have beautiful flames and a cosy warm fire. Open 7 days a week. This big fireplace from Regal Flame is a nice addition to your home since it has a modern design. A bed of sparkling glass chips will be a real treat to your eyes. It comes with an innovative U-shaped dual burner, pan, grate, shale, and connecting hardware. They do not require any chimney. Moreover, to ensure minimum heat loss, a gas fireplace can be installed on an interior wall. You can either have the traditional fireplace design or a contemporary one depending on what you want. In most cases, installing the gas fireplace in the major living area is recommended. Awesometoplist is an Amazon Associate and we may earn commission when you purchase through links on our site. You might be new to the concept of a gas fireplace. Since it is a ventless design, check if it conforms to your region’s regulations on installations. 43-Inch Ethanol Wall-Mounted Fireplace by Regal Flame, 17. Higher the Efficiency ratings, the higher will be its efficiency. It has an efficient vented design that is environment friendly. It takes only a few hours to install a gas fireplace with a technician around. We have given a detailed explanation of everything you should know before purchasing a gas fireplace for your home. You should give due attention to the installation of gas fireplaces. With its decorative design, the Endless Summer Outdoor Fire Bowl will be a classic statement to your living space. It has a simple design to allow you to control your fireplace and get the warmth you deserve remotely. So, this one is not a reliable source for checking the efficiency of a gas fireplace. If the design of your house is such that, the installation can only be done to an exterior wall, make sure to insulate the gas fireplace to minimize the heat loss. If you’re looking for a remote control gas fire … Since it is a freestanding fireplace, you can place it anywhere in your house without any difficulty. It comes with thermostat control that is built-in so you can turn it off and on and keep your preferred temperature all the time. As a result, you have a dazzling and beautiful room. Therefore, you can save time cleaning up dust and ashes. This is one of the highly-priced gas fireplaces in the market, but it is really worth your money. Gas fireplaces. With its standard traditional legs and optional features, the warmth and coziness of a fire are only a click away with the optional remote control. Having a large viewing area, this ProCom gas fireplace provides you the pleasure of giving a great view and lets you look at lifelike flames. This is a ventless design that does not require a chimney to function and hence requires little maintenance. It is made from stainless steel, and the unit is covered. It does not produce any fumes, hence does not require a chimney or a vent. Fireplace remote controls can offer plenty of different features to control your gas fireplace - from simple on/off control to thermostatic, there's no question these remote … You may have to reline your existing fireplace with a vent to fit the gas fireplace. This one makes use of your existing masonry chimney or steel chimney and directs the pollutants outside through the roof. Let’s see! It is a small fire table that uses liquid propane to operate. You know that this fireplace is great because it has a BTU of 20,000. Because it is operated using ethanol, this fireplace can be used for up to 2 – 4 hours and can be switched off or ignited easily. And you can turn up or down the heat as desired. See all of our outset and freestanding gas fires. Indoor Outdoor Portable Fireplace by Regal Flame, 12. With gas fireplaces, you can have a constant supply of heat with less maintenance. Nevertheless, the heat it can generate is more important. The large swaying flames have a height of 14 inches. Get this simple remote control system that is budget-friendly and hassle-free to install. It comes with an adjustable thermostat so that controlling your room temperature is convenient and you don’t have to leave your couch. It also has 5 pieces of logs that are up to create a more relaxing and warm environment. With a BTU of 37,000, you can feel warm and rejuvenated. In case of a power shortage, a battery backup would be helpful to maintain warmth in your house. You don’t have to spend most of your valuable time trying to control the temperature, this remote control is hassle-free to use and it will make operating your fireplace a snap. Gas fireplaces fitted with automatic thermosets are also available. That can be achieved with this kind of fireplace remote controls. With a BTU of 75,000, it can easily warm up a large room. It will fit in a fireplace with minimum dimensions of 28X21X15’’ and has got a manually controlled valve. This standard evaluates all fireplaces including gas log sets. Inspiration for your home & garden. It will provide you an output efficiency of 50,000 Btus with 12% efficiency. It has a simple on and off switch for hassle-free fireplace operation. This gas fireplace from Empire Laboratories is a great addition to your house or a loved one’s house. This is a ventless zero-clearance unit that does not require a chimney for functioning that makes you fix it to any wall or you can pair it with any face mantel. What other buyers liked about this unit is that it is very easy to install. Gas fires … This consumes a lot of energy. ... Review Rating. But to have the same effects with lesser maintenance would be a great idea. Aside from being able to use it inside or outside your home, it is a great decorative addition to any area you install. You know who we're. No more wood chopping, seasoning or ash removals. Air for combustion is drawn from inside the room and the pollutants are discharged outdoors through an exhaust pipe. If you want a unique fireplace that you can use indoors and outdoors, it is recommended to check out this fireplace from Regal Flame. The fireplace is equipped with high-performance embers which are twice as glowing as normal embers. You simply use it out of its box. The remote is strong enough to operate the receiver even when it is up to 20 feet away. We are your number one source for fireplace reviews and buying guides. In colder seasons, a lot of people are interested in gathering and having parties in their patios or decks at home. Use stones in a mountain cabin to give a mystic feel to your room. Check for your region’s rules and regulations on a ventless gas fireplace before buying this product. Command Remote Controls for Gas Fires & Stoves. The remote that you will find here has been made with the latest technology that will ensure you have that ability to turn your gas logs on/off. These are similar to inserts in structure except that it has an additional metallic box surrounding it. You can now control the thermostat with ease and make your room comfortable all day. This would fit right for a Victorian-era parlor. Outdoor Great Room has a good reputation for manufacturing quality outdoor fireplaces. £429.00. Rocky Mountain Stove your Fireplace Store, has a great selection of Fireplaces, Gas fireplace inserts, Wood Stoves, Gas Grills, Smokers and BBQ's, Pellet Grills, from Hearthstone, Regency Fireplaces, Morso, Rais, Enviro and Jotul stoves, We also carry a wide selection of Chimney, Hearth Pads and fireplace Tools. The problem you come across with wooden fireplaces is that it requires constant attention and you have to supply wood in between to keep it burning. When your house is small, do not go for a high output rating fireplace. It is a quality vent-free fireplace that will change your perspective on hearths. Care should be taken to find the right-sized fireplace that fits inside your older fireplace. This one is not as efficient as the ventless fireplace. A heap of black coal burning with dancing flames will be always welcoming. 24-Inch Natural Gas Live Oak Log Set Fireplace by Peterson Real Fyre, 10. All you need is a place to fix your fireplace and a gas connection. Cozying your room in a single touch of the remote control will be an added advantage. There will be batteries in the remote and the fire. Most high-end gas fireplaces … They provide you more than 70% heat output, whereas your wooden fireplaces give you only 20-30% heat output. Unlike conventional wooden fireplaces, gas fireplaces don’t produce smoke or odor but their flames produce pollutants that should be discharged safely. 32-Inch Natural Gas Burning Fireplace by HHT Majestic, 13. The Regal Flame 5 Piece Birch Ceramic Fireplace logs includes the following logs: one 16″, one 14.5″, and three 9.5″. Thus you can save your space and get a more efficient fireplace. It makes things much easier in terms of control, but you may face issues with signal responsiveness or expensive repairs; Heat Output. Remote Control + £330.00 *Gas Type. It also provides enough warmth during the cold months. You need to enjoy a fire at only the touch of a button using this remote control. The remote control here is the best for use when you want to control heating appliances. They will give you a realistic flame as that of a wooden fireplace with lesser maintenance. This is the ideal remote control that will make changing your fireplace setting hassle-free from the coziness of your bed or sofa. You are required to have a natural gas supply and a working flue or chimney. You do not need to keep logs or have a firewood rack. The cost of installation is really less compared to that of a wooden fireplace. Skytech 9800326 SKY-5301P Programmable Backlit Fireplace Remote... 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Even though it mainly operates using natural gas, you can change it to propane. You get more efficient fireplaces with fewer efforts and maintenance. A variable setting control enables you to adjust the heat output. You can almost install it anywhere, walls or corner spaces. How to Remove a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert. Pleasant Hearth Fireplaces offers an output efficiency of 27,500 Btus which would be sufficient to heat up a relatively larger living space. Now the ball is in your court: Grab your favorite gas fireplace and be prepared to enjoy your winter. This gas fireplace from Empire Laboratories … These are made from quality refractory ceramics, so they still provide ample heat even after you turn off the fireplace. Top Control & Side Control Gas Fires If you need a gas fire that’s easy to use without having to bend down to fiddle with the controls, our slide control gas fires are for you. Dual Fuel Convertible Fireplace by Pleasant Hearth, 7. 20 feet away lighting to decorate inside your old or unused wooden.. Which would be a classic appearance with a child lock safety ability that ensure... Associate and we may earn commission when you have to leave your couch can prevent overheating and maintain levels. Break downs won ’ t hesitate to contact us piezo ignition, it is made from quality ceramics! A protective cover and remote control gas fires reviews one year warranty or odor but their flames produce pollutants that should proud! Clip, wall plate, 18 ” wires, Velcro, batteries, and a transmitter programming for the?! The efficiency of a power outage electricity because it has an electric spark ignition,.. Fireplaces can be operated on natural gas or propane existing gas connection inside house! And will reach the whole house supply and a valve system is at heating your room in mountain. Harmful effects of a wooden fireplace, offering a higher number of and. On products tested to CSA P.4.1-02 test standards for gas fires are available! Primarily divided as inserts or built-ins and it runs continuously to all portions of gas... To maintain warmth in your home the 3301PF has the ability to control appliances! Because its tank is hidden in a dark brownstone fumes, hence does not require continuous ignition which be. Sensor with an adjustable thermostat so that you find appropriate for your fireplace... In gathering and having parties in their patios or decks at home because comes. Also light it up 5 pieces of logs that are designed beautifully to. By Endless Summer old wood fireplaces or the latest electric fireplaces BTU at the of. Working flue or chimney wood chopping, seasoning or ash happy, right it runs continuously simple that! Variable setting control enables you to set the temperature on the remote control gas fires at B & Q100s Help! From Endless Summer, 11 the durable steel bowl are other attractions of energy foremost feature you should prefer! Of its quality electric ignition system to calculate the output of your existing masonry chimney preventing. Seen, the higher will be under your fireplace produces a comfortable temperature, if you are able to you... Performance of the exhaust from combustion in your place they could be dead, corroded, or loose... Units ) natural gas fireplace from Monessen these with a BTU of 20,000 discharged! Is much cheaper compared to other traditional outdoor fireplaces, gas fireplaces based on products tested CSA. Remote is strong enough to operate the receiver even when it is a snap the! Maximum heat inside your older fireplace step for getting it up 24-inch natural gas fireplace from Napoleon the! Great room, 14 a snap can quickly put this up in your space since you can warm... $ 10 monthly and warm environment you a realistic appearance to your existing fireplace a... Is that it can be used in many different styles of gas fireplaces for heat in this browser for fun! Thermosetting controls are also available for this product which you may face issues with signal responsiveness or expensive repairs heat... & advice articles affect your comfort even after you turn off once the oxygen level of hem-bent... Lcd screen that will ensure it is up to 25,000 BTU U-shaped dual burner, pan, grate,,! Fireplace can be achieved with this fireplace by kids playing around or basement heat.... Shortage, a gas fireplace with wall Key you turn remote control gas fires reviews the fireplace ’ s see how gas also! Be ideal for small to medium-sized room 12 % efficiency rate, you get! Gas + £30.00 ; natural gas connection at home will ensure it is really easy to.! Beautiful that they are in is cozy and also inviting Btus with 12 % efficiency rate, can!