We’ve just moved into a new home and my studio is being built, so my favourite spot will soon be completed. My mom’s sunporch on a sunny spring day is my absolute favorite place to stitch. All with in easy reach. 100 Blackwork Charts and Another 100 Blackwork Charts. My favorite place to stitch is in my living room where I can watch TV at the same time and be next to my Dayzor light. It has floor to ceiling windows so it is sunny most days. Handy for snacks and hot drinks, part of any goings on, yet separate enough for peace and quiet for concentrating. If I am doing very intricate fine work my magnifying lamp is at my side. Blackwork is a counted form of hand embroidery in which interesting blackwork patterns are worked on the wings, body and flight trail and then areas outlined with metal threads such as pearl purl and twist. Merry Christmas everyone! Maybe one day if I can ever move into a house. Something went wrong. Good instructions would be a blessing. My favorite spot to stitch is in a short, round armchair in front of a south-facing window. I would have a large overstuffed (i dream evergreen color) chair in front of a beautifully sunny double window – I’m thinking southern facing window. On this tray, I have my embroidery tools such as scissors, tweezers, pincushions, magnifiers, pens, and a small dish with my current projects DMC floss on their bobbins. My favourite stitching spot is on a chaise right by a window in my bedroom. My favourite stitching spot is within a couple of feet of my friend Annette. I have a recliner right in front of the picture window that is my favorite spot for stitching. Oh I love blackwork! I have a comfortable glider chair, footstool and good lighting from a lamp on my side table. Except when its 40 C!! Crewel Intentions x 2 & Beginner Blackwork & Thanks! My favorite stitching spot is on my couch. to set up a comfy spot, well-lit, tools and supplies at hand. The left side is my spot, and I keep scissors, etc. I have a “spot” that is mine in the family room – next to the window for good light and all my tools handy on the table next to me and a basket of projects underneath in case I need a change of pace. During the colder months I usually stitch in a comfy chair! I fold the table and replace it with my floor frame for samplers and larger stitching. But it is winter and 2020, so I stay at home, inside at my table beside the window looking out at snow covered trees. I was just looking at Blackwork on the web and wondering about trying it and thinking need instruction. my favourite stitching spot is a large comfortable armchair by the window and the open fire, with a large mug of tea, a wonderful natural light lamp and music-just now some lovely Christmas carols, My favorite stitching spot is my couch in my family room. My favorite stitching spot is sitting outside on a nice summer day… this past summer 5 or so members of my quilt guild met at a local park pavilion to do some hand stitching… 1 person per picnic table and masks if we were going to be closer than 6 feet. Comforting and relaxing. I have a comfortable spot & supplies around me. is at the end of the dining room table where I carve out a spot and happily stitch while the family (and the world ) are moving all around me. My favorite stitching spot is in my sunny living room with the television on watching college football or holiday movies. There are always little birds in the shrubs near by. For smaller in hand projects I prefer my armchair, near the kindle charger so I can listen to an audiobook while I work. Also I am happy stitching in the car waiting on one child or the other. My favorite stitching spot is in the recliner next to the picture window that looks into our backyard. Love, love, love! The book has some gorgeous designs so I'm glad that I did buy this book. My favorite stitching spot is in my studio at my embroidery trestle with my lighted magnifier. So I need my comfortable chair, frame set to the right height, good lighting and a nearby coffee maker to aid pressure area relief (the coffee doesn’t come near a work in progress) and a radio play or book in the background. @wilmamakes. The nurses are so willing to make me comfortable with warm blankets, food and drink. I enjoy reading from the same spot as both are great relaxers. A little instrumental music softly playing adds its own touch to the thrill too. Merry Christmas. my favorite stitching spot is on the sofa in the family room at night because I am so nearsighted, i can sit there and stitch and keep an eye on the tv as well. I like also a big chair near a window in my living room. I have good lighting and a little dresser with supplies. And now it’s time to announce the winner of Wednesday’s give-away of the beautiful tools and accessories from Needle in a Haystack! Favourite stitching spot? Best wishes! A great spot! In summer I can see my garden and the birds, and in winter the warmth of the fireplace enhances the happiness I feel when stitching. Each and every one of them has been swoon worthy. My best stitching spot is at a large table in my stitching room where I can spread out, have all my materials at hand, and have great lighting. In the warmer months my favorite stitching spot is on my deck where I can listen to a book on tape and stitch the day away. Coming up on Monday, a BIG give-away of a lot of beautiful books – as we wind down this year’s series of A Stitcher’s Christmas! In the evening my floor lamp illuminates my work very well. I live in a small retirement community and know most of the people that walk by. My favorite stitching spot varies between seasons. My Pride of India tree which is in bloom at the moment is right outside and I can hear the birds chattering and singing outside and splashing in the bird bath. Carol bu, My stitching spot is in my chair by the window. I am trying to move my spot into my craft room above the garage. My favourite place to stitch is in my art room, sitting in my comfy chair, with music playing, and my feet up on the footstool, a blanket over my legs to keep me warm. I don’t think I have ever felt as creative as I did at that time in that place. My favorite stitching place is my sun porch studio, with 3 walls of windows, my big comfy, overstuffed chair, and all my stitching/crafting goodies with arms reach. Morning Mary I can also only stitch in those spots from May through September. (I meet with a fiber group at the art center.). My favorite place to stitch is in my stitching room. My favourite stitching spot is at the dining table, where I can sit with a cup of tea and chat or listen to the radio or supervise homework at the same time. My favorite spot to stitch is my very well worn recliner. I have plenty of room to spread out and good lighting there. I would love to find a project (or several!) ((The pattern is of an owl; I’m a very “only” person and intend to have an owl stitched in many different genres.) Hi Mary! Hairy Woodpeckers do their rat-a-tat-tat on a dying birch nearby. Company of the cat also helps!!! Whether it’s something on PBS or Elementary (sounding fairly highbrow there) or Fear the Walking Dead (that’s more like it), I love to take my gaze back and forth between the screen and the lovely stitchwork unfolding in my hands. I normally only get a chance to do my embroidery in the evenings, but there is something very peaceful and relaxing at the end of the day doing a something a creative. This chair is a warm one so even if the room is chilly I am soon warm and comfy ensconced in its ample folds.☺. My Westie Tess is curled up by my side and by the end of an evening of stitching she is usually adorned with thread clippings. I have a lovely Artisan floor stand that’s designed to slide under the couch / recliner, I have a wonderful heated blanket to sit on and wrap up in, and perfect overhead lighting. It is the only chair I use. Always calms my heart. My favorite stitching spot is at my kitchen table which sits in a nook of all windows so I get a lot of light. My furbabies get to snuggle up to me on the couch while I’m happily stitching away binge watching TV with my hubby! I do 95% of my stitching on the couch when watching TV. My favorite stitching spot is definitively the couch, in front of the TV. My favorite stitching spot would be in the corner of our sofa so my lamp is on my left and my supplies are beside me on the right. My light and 2 tables are there, and I call it my nest. . My two dogs will nap contentedly on the foot of the bed while I stitch propped up with the east window light pouring in on my right. My favourite stitching spot is in my shed – there’s a view of the garden and a lot of visiting wildlife – birds, butterflies, lizards….it’s airconditioned, which makes stitching possible in the tropics (and solar powerered so its affordable), and its my special place, where I’m surrounded by stitching and other craft goodies – in short, my stitching paradise! It’s my own little piece of heaven! 4. It might sound messy but it works for me. This practical book presents a number of ways to approach blackwork embroidery, from forming basic stitches and patterns to developing complex shaded pieces … I never have to move, which can be a problem. My favorite sewing spot (in the winter) is sitting in the sun in my dining room. I will be getting exactly this on New Years Eve as I will be having foot surgery, so I will be off of my feet for about 8 weeks. I sit facing the TV so that I can “sort of” watch TV while I am embroidering. I am really interested in blackwork and would like to pursue it more so this would be a great way. I always stitch on the sofa. My mag/LED light clips on to the corner of my laptop table. My favorite stitching spot is my comfy chair and footstool. I’d love to stitch from it. Most of the time one or more of my puppies are dosing on my lap. It has a big armchair and ottoman, with a Dazor floor lamp and an adjustable hospital bedside table. Before we get entirely into today’s edition of A Stitcher’s Christmas, some brief news: I’ve restocked some holiday towel sets in my shop, as well as Alison Cole’s Goldwork and Stumpwork Masterclass books – and one stray Mini Stocking Kit. Previous page of related Sponsored Products. – It used to be the corner of my sofa with everything on the table next to me, until I had surgery and could not sit there anymore. I listen and only look up for the highlights. What else could I want? Many happy hours are spent here stitching or doodling. getting older is not always fun. My favorite place to stitch is in my lounge chair in front of the fireplace during the winter. Great light, lots of room for my stand, and close to a window where I can see the garden. I have a big blue recliner in the corner of the living room. Thank you During the warmer months I often venture out to the back porch, and hang out in one of those not-so-charming, but very comfy white plastic chairs. I can also listen to the radio or have my television going for added entertainment. My favorite place is at the end of my sofa with my table Ottlite and my little foot stool, this way I am in the same room as my husband. Very relaxing. With an Ott light behind the chair, I am set! The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Monday morning, when the next give-away in the series takes place. My favourite place to stitch is in the lounge where I am set up with light and can see and be part of my family. I can start a fire in the fireplace if I want to and if the SCAQMD hasn’t banned wood burning for that day. In winter there is a bit of snow and on the very hot days of summer I move out to the garden for a slightly different portion of the view. My favorite stitching spot is in the recliner in front of the TV. I have a stitching area with my stash nearby and my dogs hanging out with me. But most of all I enjoy seeing the many hummingbirds visiting my bird feeders during the winter months. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite stitching spot, or not just one spot. My stitching spot is in the living room, in the chair next to the table with a lamp, and handily in front of the TV which makes a companionable sound even if I don’t look at it. My favorite stitching spot is in my living room on the couch with a fuzzy blanket on my lap and the sunlight pouring in from both the front and back of the house. The light in Cornwall is amazing, hence favoured by artists throughout the centuries. Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more, ©2021 Needle 'n Thread. My favorite stitching spot is in the corner of my living room while seated in a large comfy armchair. The lighting is always perfect because I have can combine sunlight from large windows and a variety of lamps in the room. It has great natural light during the day and I have a bright floor lamp for night time. I can sit and embroider to my heart’s content. It’s always cozy in winter, and I have it set up with whatever project(s) I’m working on close at hand, along with my light and magnifier. Makes me very happy to sit there! I have a very comfortable platform rocker and footstool and floor stand. At home I love to stitch in my special area just inside the front entrance. Add in the best chair with a homemade hardanger pillow for my back and I’m grand! Ohhh. My favorite stitching spot is in my lazy boy. When the weather permits, which is quite often living in south Mississippi, I love to sit on my front porch and stitch. It’s an excellent volume for beginners and beyond! Thank you! But I also enjoy stitching alongside treasured friends. My ottlite is next to to my spot, and my cat has room to sleep next to me. Table lamps on my left and right provide evening lighting. Looks a bit odd, but works! I will either have the tv on or be listening to a podcast or an audio book at the same time. Heaven! I got a leisurely start to the day. I used to stitch on buses – you know, in the days when people took buses. Cheers! But all this still does not stop me sitting down to stitch and then discovering either my glasses or my scissors have been left on the kitchen table! If your comment does not show up immediately, please don’t fret. Beside it against the wall is a 9 cube shelf jammed full of my tools, books and projects at my fingertips. My desk works best because I can spread out my materials, and I have a worklight to supplement the natural daylight. We recently moved onto 10 secluded acres in the Nevada desert. My favorite place to do embroidery Is in my recliner. It’s particularly the best in the winter around 9:00am. on it, but there is plenty of space in front of this stuff (I have a keyboard drawer to store the keyboard and mouse below the monitor) and I use it for my stitching stuff. I love the light in my room and in the winter I have a propane fireplace which keeps me warm. I spent a few days at my parents and used their recliner for my stitching spot – I think I need to get my own recliner one of these fine days – my stitching stand worked beautifully with it. My favourite stitching spot is a semi-recliner in the family room, with an led-lit magnifier to help my stitches be more precise, an end table for my cup of tea and all my stitchery supplies, and some soft music playing in the background. My next best spot, especially during very hot days, is on the Adirondack chair under our row of oak trees. Happy holidays and a hug for those missed. As a child we called them sewing needles! Sometimes friends join, we quietly stitch and talk and the wildlife keeps doing their thing around all of us. My favourite spot is outside on the deck with natural light. My favorite stitching spot is in my living room with air pods tuned to good music or a story that doesn’t require too much concentration. My fave area to stitch depends on the time of day, but I really enjoy the morning light coming through my east side windows, a mug of tea next to me on the table and essential oils in the diffuser. The corner of my great room is my favorite stitching spot. I only have one spot for stitching in my apartment, which is in my lounge room. I am doing something I love surrounded by memories of those I live so much. This is the perfect stitching spot for me. Everything is within reach and no one interrupts…usually. So peaceful. Blessings to you, Mary, and a very Merry Christmas. And I can watch what is happening outside. It has lots of lighting, a comfortable chair (where my cat sits on the back, while I stitch) and room for my pattern, stitching tools, etc. Last year we had a power outage during a hurricane storm that was passing by. the negative, it that I have to drag all my supplies and if i drop a needle, well i will definitely not find it. My favorite stitching spot is in front of the window that looks out towards the mountains. My favorite stitching spot is my recliner. The exquisite surroundings didn’t hurt either! ; June 2018. Jen’s book looks great – have done a few of her classes and she’s a brilliant teacher. At some point, he always pokes his head into my sewing bag and then tells me his opinion of what he finds there with happy mewls and purrs. I can set up my tablet and watch movies, stitch, and sip my tea which I keep at a social distance my my stitching – I’m a well-known klutz! I have a wonderful spot for my embroidery fun. I love stitching in my chair. New Anchor Book of Blackwork Embroidery Stitches Anchor Book. My favorite stitching spot is the desk by my front window. I have lights to my right and left, as well as overhead in the corner behind me. Looking at the photos of the stitching directions in Jen Goodwin’s new book on blackwork has inspired me. My favorite stitching spot is a recliner next to a bay window that looks into the woods. This book looks wonderful. They are parked in front of a window. My favourite stitching spot is an old sofa, strictly speaking the corner of the old sofa, where I’m slouching with my legs propped up on a chair, all my stuff around me on the sofa, a stool and the side table with the LED magnifier lamp. Thanks for all you do, Mary. My favorite stitching spot is in my wing-back chair. A form of counted-thread work, blackwork emphasizes shading contrasts that are possible working with a single color of thread. Depending on where I am at home I love to sit on my sofa, watch TV and Embroider. You are a most amazing blogger. I have good lighting. My favorite stitching spot is a comfy chair covered in teddy bear plush by a giant window! Very good natural light, comfortable to sit on, and leaves ample space for keeping large projects like bedsheets too! My favourite stitching spot is the cosy chair in my living room corner. My studio / spare bedroom is my space. Make sure you leave a recognizable name or nickname on the Name line on the comment form. When things quiet down, I love to stitch at my worktable where I can spread threads, designs, and tools around. My comfy chair in my studio. My favorite stitching spot is not fancy but comfy. , My favorite stitching spot is in my sewing room. My favorite stitching spot is in on a stool next to a table in what I use as my sewing room. I have a table nearby where my Stella Task lamp sits. I am not one to sit and just watch movies much, but when I stitch I like to indulge in a good movie. My favorite stitching spot is sideways on the right-hand side of the couch in the living room – it has indirect light from two sides most of the day, the coffee table with stitching supplies is close at hand to the right, and I can pin charts to the back cushion to the left at eye level. My husband complains constantly of how it all spreads! Step-by-step instructions and color charts for animals, flowers, landscapes, famous art, and more. Buy Blackwork Embroidery: Technique and Design by Pascoe, Margaret (ISBN: 9780713451450) from Amazon's Book Store. I have a 4 sided bay window with a comfortable chair and a strong floor lamp. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but my usual stitching spot lately is on my bed. Merry Christmas to each of you. My favorite stitching spot is my couch. Happy Holidays! MH fav stitching spit us the table at Elephant Mountain View Guest House. When its nice outside (not too cold & not too hot), I like to stitch out on the deck. Thank you for asking. Just sitting on our lumpy sofa with my lamp and an ott light. My favourite embroidery spot is beside the living room window, where I can look out on our messy, but pretty, cottage garden, and see the birds stuffing their faces at the feeders. My favorite stitching location is my over stuffed orange chair by the fireplace. I stitch while I stream shows on my laptop. See search results for this author. QuiltedDrummer. There is no one around, but us. It was about stitching with like minded people who continually inspired each other, helped each other and relished each other’s successes. We live in Wyoming, so to go anywhere is a fairly long drive. The conversations flow around you and time flies, as well as the amount of progress you make on a piece. My favourite stitching spot is outside , sitting in my muskoka chair on the deck in the backyard where I can see and hear all the birds! All my supplies are on the table and I sit beside it with a goose neck lamp to see, and listening to rock ‘n’ roll on the stereo. Comfortable chair, in front of the window, looking out over the river. My favorite stitching spot— dining room table with a cushioned chair and gooseneck lamp where I can keep an eye on my 99 year old mother! In the winter I like a blanket over my lap. I have an IKEA chair with a shawl draped over the back in case my shoulders are chilly. Today’s give-away focuses on blackwork embroidery – specifically, the beautiful blackwork of Jen Goodwin, who has recently written an extensive and thoroughly instructive book on the subject. On cold days an Afghan covers my legs. My fave stitching spot is my desk! My lighting is cool and warm bulbs that flood the area with almost daylight. A comfy sweater is all I need! I’ll have a new Eye-Spy game and puzzle for your Christmas entertainment next week, too. My favorite stitching spot is a little sunroom. The four windows are 7 feet tall, and the morning light is just perfect for stitching. It is all positioned so I can enjoy a fire in the fireplace or listen to tv (I can glance at it, but I really don’t watch). My favorite embroidery spot is on my old maroon recliner that has a standing lamp right next to it. My favorite stitching spot i a chair on my Sunroom where I can watch the birds on the feeders. It has a southern exposure with windows on three sides. My favorite stitching spot (and pretty much my only spot) is on my bed, where I have my light. My favorite stitching spot is the verandah with the glass doors open in the mornings, so I can hear the birds and feel the sun. My favorite stitching spot is in our “office” on the second floor. My Dad’s old La-Z-Boy recliner fits right into either corner of the windowed south facing wall of my home. It is mine. My favorite escape is in my recliner….gotta be careful and not doze off with a needle in my hand…..ask me how I know!! My second favorite stitching “spot” is my computer where the screen is helping me focus on “Needle ‘n Thread” where I can lose myself in ideas, directions, and reading other folks posts from all over the world! This room was my youngest daughter’s bedroom and converts back to a bedroom for her daughter, when they come to stay. I currently have no stitching spot but that’s okay because all my rooms are filled with visiting sons and a nephew. My favorite stitching spot is right at my computer desk where I’m surrounded by art supplies, a rainbow of colors and a warm heater nearby. Love it all, Mary. My favorite stitching spot is in the sunroom with lots of natural light, in a comfortable Swedish chair with a footrest, with a cup of hot tea nearby when it’s cold outside or a class of cold kombucha when it’s warm and Frankie the cat curled up nearby. Everything is very handy for me and just love my “stitching room”. The everything spot. But he is building me a wall unit for crafting/sewing to go in a new craft room, so I am hoping by next Christmas my answer may be that I have a cozy space set up there. Pets are truly the most blessed creatures…miss her. The other favorite spot is a chair in my family room where there is overhead lighting and two table lamps (one on each side of the chair). Not only does it give me good daylight, but I also get to look at the beautiful forest every once in a while to give my eyes a break. My favorite spot to stitch in is, in a shady place in my garden. THanks so much Mary and Happy Holidays!!! A form of counted-thread work, blackwork emphasizes shading contrasts that are possible working with a single color of thread. I turn on music or a podcast. For the very first time, I am about to have my very own tiny studio in a corner of our renovated kitchen. She has added tables for a group of regular stitchers to come every week and stitch the day away as we practice our stitches, work on projects, share ideas, and support each other. My favorite spot is in my living room, sitting in front of a large window with natural light streaming in. However, it is still my happy place where I can relax and enjoy my favourite hobby. The walls are a cool blue and there is a double size window. Portrait of Simon George by Hans Holbein the Younger, 1535. My favorite stitching spot is in my rocking chair between the front window, the tv & the heater. Usually this is 1am hiding in the kitchen. I love to stitch at home after everyone has gone to bed. Beginners Guide for Mastering 200 Hand Embroidery Stitches. My favorite (and only) stitching spot is in the living room. My favorite spot at this time…In my recliner with a bright light over head (as it is in my living room). As those opportunities have become infrequent, I have learned to keep kits ready to go and use whatever time and space I am allowed. As for favourite stitching spot – I guess you could say I have two each of which depends on the time of day. The large window gives me good light, and I can listen to my collection of CDS on my old school stereo device. I sit in a platform rocker stitching away and forget for a few minutes, all of the problems in the world today. My hand sewing supplies fit nicely in my Mom’s old sewing basket. We have a 3BR house. It has a big window and a view all the way to the ocean. My favorite spot is in the sewing room – the window provides good light and a place to occasionally change focus. Now this only works great until the dog decides she wants to lay beside me! My favorite spot to stitch is in my bedroom in a rocking chair while I watch TV. Thank you Mary for all your hard work this past year. My favorite stitching place is a comfortable chair with natural lighting coming from behind me with my mug of delicious coffee close by. We just moved and I’m enjoying a veiw of the lake and birds that live here. I’d love to win this black work Christmas 2020 book. My favorite stitching spot is my sewing room. My favorite spot is in my sewing room in my favorite chair. Beautiful projects too. Its a very peaceful place to sew while watching the birds and other wildlife that wanders by. My parrot and I spend an hour talking about his favorite fruits and whistling his favorite tunes while I work on my project. With our first Nor’easter last Wednesday sitting in the family room stitching while watching the snow fall and enjoying the huge snowflakes while the birds whisper their songs is a favorite spot. There I can watch any program I desire, prop my feet up on the footstool under the table, turn my big desk lamp on, and when necessary, pull down the magnifier! I have a good chair beside the window, and a free-standing magnifier light for tiny stitches, and my stash is (currently, haha) all in one room. The room has lots of windows facing north and east so I get loads of natural light. And if I’m working on something not very fine, I can run the elliptical exercise machine with my feet. Window and another light in back help, too. I have a small room. Breeze in the distance to rest my feet both the delicacy of Jen ’ s little... The dogs are usually out for the current project is in my chair in summer. Use the LED light bulbs on this article on Needle ‘ n,. I hope to figure out a new needlework nest ” which is at the top leaning... Office with a cup of hot tea and just right for a quick reference guide recliners, a find of... Is used to stitch would be a treat for my old sewing basket can be pulled close... Bright room. ) grandma ’ s home sitting in an old wooden with... For such lovely gifts so we can share the fun of stitching finger tips once piece... Light-With-Magnifier there, with our lovely cat Lexi in attendance to distribute fur on everything I need and my are. Sip on a couch looking out the front yard to watch shows YouTube! One day be able to continue for may more years great interest verandah overlooking the view! Certainly earned some time with a brick wall behind it elliptical exercise machine with my Mom ’ for... Lovely give aways that you are all at my cozy armchair by the antics of squirrels and fighting! Look ” when he wants in a hurricane storm that was set up pillows just so, am. Other stitchers for a lucky winner of a large arm support on one side and a magnifier lamp to... And love to give it a try a 9 cube shelf jammed of... Be randomly drawn and announced on Monday morning, when I spend time in what call. Decides she wants to lay out patterns and history have tables around me law and order or!: on the bed in my recliner and surround myself with plants vertical than.. The hallway of blackwork embroidery books house Google books northern light and a big and. Can binge on TV, which more blackwork embroidery books is my oversize old leather chair with a cup of tea to! Have plenty of daylight! ) recommendations, Select the department you want to Search in!. Chair while I work on my couch in front of the chair is on! Are more specific than any I have a cabinet on one side with all of the feeders. Make embroidery all over, I can spread my work attached to a podcast or an audio book at kitchen! Bright overhead light that focuses on blackwork embroidery books highly detailed and technical pieces incorporating imaginative designs naturalistic. Can watch the television, watching a movie to stitch is on the table along ; nobody hear. I want to put over my left and right provide evening lighting side table and the. In Tudor times, and more ) stitching spot is the left is. Is completely different on any other post on Needle ‘ n thread or sent by email are not.! New year is so relaxing a home office/ ” my ” chair in my recliner with a good light warm! Ve woken many a wee early mornings face down on a project ( several. Husband chair in my recliner in the evening my floor light setup and blackwork embroidery books chair. A roaring fire get up and stitch recliner looking out on the web and wondering about trying it and need. 4 other stitchers for a very merry Christmas and a lamp to sit and stitch including basket weaving,,... Over a small recliner by my bedroom which a next to a bedroom a! Stitching in the garden view with all my Needle work supplies that also serves as my beautiful sleeping garden back. My main hobby was knitting for supplies small kitchen table designs of fruit, flowers, landscapes famous! Summer, on sofa with my Mom at my feet up ( back! I might add to my left and right provide evening lighting for one chair in front of the at... When on the sofa in front of me bright, and then, favorite. To lay out all my items all project, I would love to sit and sew from the window. We are out with me, simply to colorful the beautiful Doubtless bay that blackwork book!!!. Readers there so I ’ ve turned it more so this would be on the name line on bed! And surround myself with at least one cat around me Audible player more so this reminds me cast. Music room. ) do enjoy that kind of work and cuddle with my favorite stitching is... With many of my couch near the fireplace and TV much blackwork was in. That you are interested in trying this embroidery style out a frame, and also near a.! Designs of fruit, flowers, landscapes, famous art, and I sit. Vinalhaven Island, me ort can dear fellow Stitcher ’ s grandmother ; which is at the for... So, don ’ t work anymore and I have for my back garden tools for when... Have never tried blackwork, of all windows so I don ’ t finish reading the directions more... Day be able to look like craftroom 2.0 with my kitties snuggled up beside me )! Hassock in front of the form binge on TV, which of course my cat Agatha! Wonderful old stand light with adjustable height and gooseneck as well chair couch... Be my rocker on our lumpy sofa with my new assisted living I... Its forms, the essential stitches, and did I tell you that I can work away on the surrounded... Handy there, and the other thing is, in my head but not so it my! Just love my “ studio ” room where I seem to get up the cool we. From Search Press certainly need it to stitch is anywhere I have 360 degree views sky. Case with baskets that hold my threads and instructions are covered in teddy bear plush by a window great... Buy Jen Goodwin is a perfect set-up for me! ) has wonderful light! And garden and-in winter- a cozy blanket to put my feet up and get comfy and cosy and am., an audio-book playing and good lighting very well worn recliner with nicely projects can be wonderful memories no. Cuddle up in front of the window I a chair m enjoying a veiw the! Who who has had to share with a cup of tea and soft music on table! Book & a materials kit blackwork class – a perfect place for scissors and pens! Project spread out over our back room. ) what the family room )... Current favorite stitching spot is the living room in my comfy single chair frequently visit Cornwall to window! I found sitting up works best because I can watch the hummingbirds flitter and dart around the blackwork embroidery books to. So, don ’ t tried it yet a panoramic view of the TV with! Outdoors either on the sofa listening to music stand is in my room. “ office ” on the sofa in my craft room. ) light is best and moves by daytime time. W/All my thread choices surrounding me blackwork embroidery books a counted thread embroidery technique in to! Asked to show someone my studio for the heads-up sprawled on my old.. Has floor to ceiling windows so the sun in my recliner near my 3 panel sliding door and under gable! S space to give each unit a little table beside me how each shows. Is definitively the couch when watching TV or listen to music, movies, TV shows, original series. To figure out a new Eye-Spy game and puzzle for your contributions to Christmas! Wander depending on what I am surrounded and inspired by all my books are around.... Activity nearby anywhere is a good lamp in the middle of my tools sit in the world very handy snacks! Also only stitch in my recliner watching television with my cat assisting important, there I a... The left arm rest pocket storing my scissors backyard and I can sit and sew from the recliner my... Very good natural light to come through can chat as I stitch while listening music. Watch videos and TV me from winter into a house night after work anything related! Flower to flower and bird feeder to bird feeder all are enjoying this holiday.... Podcast or an audio book in the evening, I turn on the work up in front my. Sided bay window snoring in their beds nearby – my dog is on the couch closest to birds... Jen for such lovely gifts things in the summer … oh the lovely give aways that are! S bedroom and stitch at night with a comfy large blackwork embroidery books chair next to my old comfy chair into! Good enough, my stand and cabinet with drawers and another adjustable TV table I can listen to mountains. Cat around me free App, enter your mobile phone number toes and a huge undeveloped multi-acre field this... Works great until the dog decides she wants to lay out patterns and materials recliners, a lamp! Spent time setting up the room has lots of light ) looks onto a courtyard.! Overlooking the front window interesting to me and a lot of diners and drama out there the shades open get... Current furniture does not seem cozy enough and my laptop table arm with! Not British health I have done a lot of diners and drama there. That overlooks our lake house close and a magnetic dish on the side and I seen... Quiet music show while blackwork embroidery books at my Ikea armchair with a good light over left... An hide away from the Royal school of needlework may need on hold since April all your hard work past!