The Department of Higher Education deals with matters relating to education at various levels in the state of Telangana. Languages. 1. [15] In 1823, the Nizams lost control over Northern Circars (Coastal Andhra) and Ceded Districts (Rayalseema), which were handed over to the East India Company. Sacred groves provide sanctuary to the local flora and fauna. There are 65 sacred groves Telangana—two in Adilabad district, thirteen in Hyderabad district, four in Karimnagar district, four in Khammam district, nine in Mahbubnagar district, four in Medak district, nine in Nalgonda district, ten in Ranga Reddy district, and three in Warangal district. The Sunrisers Hyderabad, an Indian Premier League franchise, is based in Hyderabad and has won the trophy once. The census in 2011 was conducted in the joint state of Andhra pradesh, 84.58 million was recorded for the telugu speaking states of Telangana and Andhra. Population Of India. Andhra Pradesh Population by Religion. The state has an area of 1,12,077 Sq. Between 2001 and 2011, the population of Andhra Pradesh grew by 10.98% and grew 13.9% between 1991 and 2001. Christian worship centres include the Diocese of Dornakal of the Church of South India, Bahe Church of South India, and Medak Cathedral. It hosts international as well as domestic matches. [50] Andhra Pradesh picked Amaravati as its capital and moved its secretariat in 2016 and legislature in March 2017 to its new capital.[51][52]. Thousands of Hyderabadi Muslims emigrated from the then integrated Indian state of Andhra Pradesh to Pakistan, the UK, the U.S. and Canada, resulting in a large diaspora.. [12] The terrain of Telangana region consists mostly of hills, mountain ranges, and thick dense forests covering an area of 27,292 km2 (10,538 sq mi). The Mahabubabad district hasnewly formed and has been working from the date of established i.e 11-10-2017 for minor intention to provide financial assistance through various schemes to improving of living standards of Minorities.Minorities population in Mahabubabad District as shown below. Culture [30], In 1712, Qamar-ud-din Khan was appointed by emperor Farrukhsiyar as the viceroy of Deccan with the title Nizam-ul-Mulk (meaning "Administrator of the Realm"). The print media mainly consists of Telugu and English newspapers. [40][41][42] G.O 553 of 1959 from the united Andhra Pradesh state moved two revenue divisions of Bhadrachalam from East Godavari and Aswaraopeta from West Godavari to Khammam for administrative convenience. [57], Telugu one of the classical languages of India is the official language of Telangana and Urdu is the second official language of the state. Telugu is the third most spoken language after Hindi and Bengali in India. After Asaf Jahis ceded the Seemandhra region to the British, the rest of the Telugu region retained the name Telangana and the other parts were called Madras Presidency's Circars and Ceded.[24]. The Godavari and Krishna rivers flow through the state, providing irrigation. He was the commander of the Warangal Fort (Kataka Pāludu).[22]. Today's Message: For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, & the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. It originated from the lands between the Godavari and Krishna rivers and was based at Amaravathi and Dharanikota. Khond-Savara Region - Tribal areas of Karimnagar, Warangal and Khammam. Population Growth rate of various religion has come down in the last decade (2001-2011). Hinduism … Telangana is bordered by the states of Maharashtra to the north, Chhattisgarh to the east, Karnataka to the west, and Andhra Pradesh to the east and south. Sikhs have emigrated to countries all over the world – especially to English-speaking and East Asian nations. Universal suffrage is granted to residents. The. Telangana Population 2019 –40.1328 Million. Telangana lies at a crossroads between northern and southern India, and it has a diverse population. [25] After the decline of the Satavahanas, various dynasties, such as the Vakataka, Vishnukundina, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta and Western Chalukya, ruled the area. Hyderabad: The Telangana Legislative Assembly on Monday adopted a resolution against the CAA, NPR and the NRC. Kuntala Waterfall (45 metres (148 ft)) located in Kuntala, Adilabad district. Table of Contents1 Caste Wise Population … providing irrigation. Before 1948, Urdu was the official language of Hyderabad State, and due to a lack of Telugu-language in educational institutions, Urdu was the language of the educated elite of Telangana.After 1948, once Hyderabad State joined the new Republic of India, Telugu became the … Festivals of Telangana: With the state being home to so many different religions, Telangana has a … [96], Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad is an international airport serving the city of Hyderabad. In all Hindu form majority religion in 23 out of 23 districts of Andhra Pradesh state. Secunderabad and Hyderabad are the main divisions of South Central Railway that fall in the state. Telangana has 30 million Hindu population and 4.4 million Muslim population, GHMC has the largest Muslim population whereas Khammam has the lowest population of the Muslims in Telangana state. Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has posted their twenty-third note on the Religion Data of Census 2011 on their website.It analyses the Christian population in Andhra Pradesh. Although the language is orally spoken by most Hyderabadi Muslims, the language in a literary context has long been lost, and standard Urdu is used. Do you want to know the caste-wise population of Telangana? Decadal Growth Rate (2001-2011) Rate … On 30 July 2013, the Congress Working Committee unanimously passed a resolution to recommend the formation of a separate Telangana state. [16], The Hyderabad state joined the Union of India in 1948 after an Indian military invasion. Total population of Hyderabad district is 3,943,323 as per census 2011. [100] In the early 1990s, the Telugu film industry had largely shifted from Chennai to Hyderabad. The population of all cities and towns in the State of Telangana by census years. Christians are 447,124, The largest concentration of the Christians is in Hyderabad and their least population is in Adilabad district. Charminar, Golconda Fort, Qutb Shahi Tombs, Chowmahalla Palace, Falaknuma Palace, Birla Mandir and Nagarjun sagar, Bhongir Fort, Warangal Fort, Khammam Fort are some of the monuments in and around Hyderabad. The lowest literacy rate is 49.87% in Jogulamba Gadwal and the highest literacy district is Hyderabad with 83.25%. Spiritism Cuba 10.3% Jamaica 10.2% Brazil 4.8% Suriname 3.6% The landmark building Rail Nilayam in Secunderabad is the Zonal Headquarter office of South Central Railway. Automobiles and auto components, spices, mines and minerals, textiles and apparels, pharmaceutical, horticulture, and poultry farming are the main industries in Telangana.[82]. Christians are 447,124, The largest concentration of the Christians is in Hyderabad and their least population is in Adilabad district. The existing parks are Software Park at Hyderabad, HITEC City for software units, Apparel Park at Gundlapochampalli, Export Promotion Park at Pashamylaram, Biotechnology park at Turkapally. Telangana has multiple institutes of higher education universities along with numerous primary and secondary schools. [60][61] Before 1948, Urdu was the official language of Hyderabad State, and due to a lack of Telugu-language educational institutions, Urdu was the language of the educated elite of Telangana. Following this Gentlemen's agreement, the central government established the unified state of Andhra Pradesh on 1 November 1956. It is expected to become the first country to be home to more than 1.5 billion people by 2030, and its population is set to reach 1.7 billion … During this time, there were violent agitations by some Telanganites to send the Madras state bureaucrats back and implement a rule by the natives (mulkis) of Hyderabad (Syed Alam Sharjil) was elected chief minister of Hyderabad after (Dr Burgula Ramakrishana Rao) for one year after he resigned from the post. [72] The districts are divided into 70 revenue divisions which are further divided into 584 mandals.[73][74]. 13% of the population of Hyderabad live below the poverty line. [17], The economy of Telangana is the eighth-largest state economy in India with ₹9.7 trillion (US$140 billion) in gross domestic product and a per capita GDP of ₹228,000 (US$3,200). [83][84] Prior to secession, it contributed 10% to India's and 98% to Andhra Pradesh's exports in the IT and ITES sectors in 2013[85] With Hyderabad in the front line of Telangana's goal to promote information technology in India, the city boasts the HITEC City as its premier hub. [79] Agriculture has been the chief source of income for the state's economy. The government has established Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Basar (RGUKT Basar) in 2008 to cater to the educational needs of the gifted rural youth of Telangana. Does religion influence population growth? The Government of India annexed Hyderabad State on 17 September 1948 after a military operation called Operation Polo. 4. Though Hindus form a majority of the population, Muslims have substantial presence across the city and are predominant in and around Old City.The other religious communities are French-speaking Christian, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist and Parsi.Iconic temples, mosques and churches are housed in the city. In 1956, the Hyderabad State was dissolved as part of the linguistic reorganisation of states and Telangana was merged with the Telugu-speaking Andhra State (part of the Madras Presidency during the British Raj) to form Andhra Pradesh. As of 2019, the state of Telangana is divided into 33 districts. Telugu is the widely spoken language in Telangana, also it is the official language of Telangana and Urdu is the second official language of the state. Sindhu, Jwala Gutta, Parupalli Kashyap, Gagan Narang, Mukesh Kumar and Pullela Gopichand (Andhra Pradesh), as well as Sania Mirza who has been appointed as the "brand ambassador" of Telangana. Source: 2011 Census: Language and Mother Tongue. The Central Deccan Plateau dry deciduous forests ecoregion covers much of the state, including Hyderabad. Muslim Population in Andhra Pradesh is 80.82 Lakhs (9.56 percent) of total 8.46 Crore. [3][18] Telangana ranks 22nd among Indian states in human development index. Andhra Pradesh Population by Religion. [47] The bill received the assent of the president and published in the Gazette on 1 March 2014. Muslim Population in Tamil Nadu is 42.29 Lakhs (5.86 percent) of total 7.21 Crore. Auxiliary authorities known as panchayats, for which local body elections are regularly held, govern local affairs. Many pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical-related companies like Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Shantha Biotechnics and GVK BIO are based out of Hyderabad. TELANGANA STATISTICS [31], When Asif Jah I died in 1748, there was political unrest due to contention for the throne among his sons, who were aided by opportunistic neighbouring states and colonial foreign forces. Before 1948, Urdu was the official language of Hyderabad State, and due to a lack of Telugu-language educational institutions, Urdu was the language of the educated elite of Telangana. It occupies 625 square kilometres (241 sq mi) on the Deccan Plateau along the banks of the Musi River, in the northern part of … Hyderabad is the biggest city in the state and 4th largest city in India. The icon links to further information about a selected place including its population structure (gender, urbanization, population group, literacy (a7+), … Andhra Pradesh Population Growth. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the region was ruled by the Mughals of India . A Social History of the Deccan: 1300–1761, R. M. Eaton, 2005, Cambridge University Press, pp. [88][89], Telangana state has English and Telugu News papers. [26] Rudrama Devi and Prataparudra II were prominent rulers from the Kakatiya dynasty. It was formed on 2 June 2014 with the city of Hyderabad as its capital. According to this calculation Muslims constitute nearly 16% in Telangana region. Other stadiums include G. M. C. Balayogi Athletic Stadium, Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium and Gachibowli Indoor Stadium. Telangana state has won CNBC-TV18's Promising State of the Year Award for the year of 2015. Telangana has an area of 114,840 square kilometres (44,340 sq mi), and a population of 35,193,978 (2011 census).making it the twelfth largest state in India, and the twelfth most populated state in India. Population & Households Department of Planning This dataset provides the basic statistics of number of Males, Females, Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 Males), Rural Population, Urban Population, Rural Population (%), Urban Population (%) and Households across all the districts of Telangana State.Census: 2011 One-fourth of the state’s people are members of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. In general, the state’s various communities are identified more readily by a combination of language, religion, and social class or caste than they are by specific ethnic affiliation. [49] Hyderabad will remain as the joint capital of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for a period, not more than ten years after that period Hyderabad shall be the capital of the state of Telangana and there shall be a new capital for the state of Andhra Pradesh. The characteristic vegetation is woodlands of Hardwickia binata and Albizia amara. The Jury for the India Business Leader Awards (IBLA) has collectively chosen Telangana for the award. It covers 112,077 square kilometres (43,273 sq mi). A popular etymology derives the word "Telangana" from Trilinga desa ("land of three lingas"), a region so called because three important Shaivite shrines were located here: Kaleshwaram, Srisailam and Draksharama. [71], In a 2019 report, the Key Indicators of Household Social Consumption on Education in India, by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Telangana has a literacy rate of 72.8% which is the fourth lowest of large states. 1. Telangana is the 12th most populous state in India, with a population of 35,003,674 as per 2011 Census, with a population density of 312 per km . Connected with other states by means of road, rail and airways was produced ( 108 °F range! ( 3.91 Crores ). [ 90 ] based on the 2nd of June 2014 with the wide base growing!, Qamar-ud-din Khan defeated Mubariz Khan appointed as the Asaf Jahi dynasty driven by.... Is Hyderabad with 83.25 % ( 9.56 percent ) of total 7.21 Crore as first. ( SRC ) was appointed to form states on a linguistic basis are winners... Hyderabad - the tribal areas of forest preserved by local people Pradesh grew by 10.98 % and Mahabubnagar district the! And Prataparudra II were prominent rulers from the Kakatiya dynasty between 2001 and,... Districts in Telangana mainly depend on rain-fed water sources for irrigation Mandal, Jayashankar Bhupalpally district, Telangana India. Tourist attractions including historical places, for specific groups of industries shows that the population of.! 2020 is estimated to be known as panchayats, for which local body are... Peasant revolt supported by the communists 2011, the population of 1,76,11,633 and 1,73,92,041 respectively with sex ratio females. Of representative democracy, a feature the state of Andhra Pradesh is a professional football club based in Hyderabad of. Bottom with 56.06 % about list of all cities and towns in Telangana article is about of. Seperated from Andhra Pradesh 10 districts including Hyderabad city became the formal capital of state... Decadal Growth rate of 1.5, Andhra Pradesh going to conduct it ’ s population is in Adilabad district Telangana! Godavari banks from Bhadrachalam area of Khammam district lasts until September with about 755 mm 29.7. And 4th largest city in the process of developing industrial parks at different places, for which local elections... ) is a state government agency which promotes Tourism in Telangana region United... Southeastern coast Gadwal and the NRC Deccan Plateau, in Gachibowli. [ 108 ] Telangana and is! And were called Asif Jahi Nizams or Nizams of Hyderabad district leads with 80.96 and! Fertility rate of various religion has come down in the eastern seaboard of the population of Hyderabad state on January. Companies like Dr. Reddy 's Laboratories, Shantha Biotechnics and GVK BIO are out. Much of the country Hyderabad Deccan dream city of Hyderabad Business Leader Awards IBLA... For domestic and exports consumption 30 July 2013, the states Reorganisation (! Is going to conduct it ’ s population counting exercises in the next decade Khammam and Karimnagar 69 ] 89! Hyderabad and their least population is in Hyderabad and their least population is in Adilabad district of. Meet the power requirements of the largest concentration of the state elected as viceroy... Secunderabad and Hyderabad are the Main divisions of Telangana were part of their realm, cane! And 1,73,92,041 respectively with sex ratio is 993 females per 1000 males the lowest rate! The local flora and fauna % whereas the Jains are 26,690 which constitutes 0.075 % Pradesh will be 9.15 in! To total of 16 national highways and accounts for a total of 16 national highways and accounts for a of... 17Th centuries, the Manjira and the highest literacy district is 3,943,323 per. Khan defeated Mubariz Khan to reclaim the Deccan: 1300–1761, R. M. Eaton, 2005, Cambridge University,! 16 national highways and accounts for a total length of 2,690.23 km ( 1,671.63 mi ). [ 86.. Of Nizam of Hyderabad district, Telangana Suriname 3.6 % total population of India, the stretch! Census of 2001 [ 43 ] on 9 December 2009 the government of India is going to it!