SEE SLENDER GRIPS. Then we started cicling in southern France, my wife on her Brooks B66 and I still on my hard and hurting "rubber racing saddle". In the meantime I will use wine corks for my "thimbles" and cycle on my merry way! I also have 2 B17's and will agree with you...for upright riding positions they are more comfortable....but I have a swift on one of my non-aggressive bikes and I still find it way more comfortable than any other plasic piece of garbage that I've ever ridden (and I've ridden a lot!). there is no GENERALIZABLE difference between men and women. For what it's worth, Sheldon Brown swore by it (scroll down to "Breaking in a leather saddle"). Maybe I should have got a "short" model though I am a male. Great saddle.Would love to put a B17 Special on one of my road bikes and ride the full length of Paris Roubaix.Forrest, the B135 goes beyond the vintage aesthetic into possible steam punk territory. (In our individual case, the main thing is that the word "sport" does not come first, riding a bike for hours and enjoying the countryside is more important.). I got a B17S for my Rivendell Betty Foy because everyone I talked to said that I did not need springs with the non-upright positioning - period, end of story. There is a visibly deeper indentation on the right side of the saddle and also the saddle has 'twisted' down on the right side by about 0.5 cm. silver/universal . It might just be me but Brooks saddles look incredibly hard and potentially painful; haven't (I don't think) tried one. Thanks! The general wisdom was that leather saddles promise eventual bliss, but you've got to pay the piper by enduring several hundred miles of torture before the bliss kicks in. As they say, your mileage may vary. (I still can't sew worth a damn!) My 1970 DL1 still has the originl B-72 saddle on it and it is comfortable enough on smooth paved roads.I often find myself on unpaved roads and other semi-rough terrain where the B-72 can be a bit of a brutal ride.The B-135 has my caught my attention. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $169.95 New. Brooks – the legendary bicycle leather saddle from England. "That would be in Iowa.Sorry I'm not being particularly helpful, but reality is like that sometimes. To get a good sense of the differences in dimensions, I've compiled the specs from. Takes all kinds to make a cycling world. On the other hand, when I try the B66 on sportier bicycles (with lower handlebars and steeper geometry), I find some of these comfort features distracting: The springs are too much and the pebbled texture is annoying when I am always shifting on the saddle. Thanks for a great article. In a "mood"? are the same width as the standard versions. After 5 months the saddle has not yet broken in to be anywhere near as comfortable as the B67 on my Dutch bike, which broke in after a mere two weeks. Par exemple, vous roulez sur un vélo de route, avec une géométrie agressive, sportive, vous avez probablement une position penchée. The faster it's worn in, the faster it will wear out. It is amazing that you know so much about bicycles and yet you only began riding in the Spring of '08. I always thought I was cursed with being too sensitive in the you-know-where, but now I know that even a sore posterior can find relief! But nothing helped. What sort of bike is it? (This means that the B67 can be used as-is on modern seatposts with built-in clamps, while the B-66 or B-72 requires the use of an adapter or to be used on an old-fashioned plain-tube seatpost.) Product Comparison: Brooks Flyer vs Brooks B67. I think. Threespeeder - I don't think that the Aged B67 should not have a shorter life span; pretreating with conditioners is fine. Does the B72 squeak less than the B66/67? kfg - You hit the nail on the head and described what I had meant to express in the "Men's vs Women's" paragraph, but ran out of brain energy & time. Your saddle will probably outlast your bike, but it's nice to have another if you should wreck yours in a monsoon or if you decide to buy or build another bike. Brooks has a name in Holland for good quality leather saddles, so we bought, without having any knowledge on the range of Brooks saddles and their different specifications a Brooks B66 saddle. The break in time for the aged line is supposed to be "immediate" but I have heard others say it takes about 200 miles. For years I rode a road bike (Specialized Roubaix alu) and could never really get comfortable on the stock saddle. Would it be worth upgrading to a Brooks? Could someone tell me the proper name for the chrome plugs in the Raleigh forks and where I could get replacments? The substantial springs provide excellent cushiness when most of my weight rests on the saddle. I'd also like for it to have two rather than four rails, and for the top to have the same width as the B66/67 or Parkside. However, if you don’t really need a suspension system, i.e. I am also thinking more about "practical" cycling. If you're a heavy cyclist then you might need to pick those models from Unique Line in City range, because those models have 2 or 3 rails that tough enough for supporting weighty body.I chose Brooks for comfort. Maybe I will paste it into the main text as a quote from you if you do not mind. It is indeed about attaining the right shape, not making the saddle softer. After my last 45 mile ride I now have two nice dimples in my saddle. Maybe Vancouver B.C or Victoria on the Island. And the edges - including the sides and the nose - are rounded. The saddle is durable, dries quickly, causes little to no chaffing and is incredibly comfortable. I needed wider and sprung, and didn't want to buy a double-rail clamp extra. )This is actually my first comment to your site, although I've been reading faithfully since I discovered it a few months ago. I have learned quite a lot from you by reading this blog. Unfortunately, it doesn't solve my dilemma of which model to choose were I to switch to a Brooks. So....I think I will go with the Swallow when the time comes to buy a new saddle. It is a company from the West Midlands, England. I think with some nice Schwalbe creams I would have a much smoother ride plus less flats! Many men have wide sit bones; many women have narrow. The saddle works wonderfully, except for longer rides I really wish I had springs. Certaines selles Brooks comme les B67, Flyer, B17 se décline en version classique ou en version S (par exemple B67 et B67S). I'd also like for it to have the length of a men's saddle, but to have the down-turned front of the Brooks B-18 "Lady" saddle so I could wear skirts easily, altough the rails and width are more important. I love your vintage Raleigh DL 1 by the way! Thanks so much for your wonderful, thought-provoking posts. So I think I will drop Brooks for now and try something else. Comfort is not always seated where you assume it is. Also I need some new brake cables. Thanks BTW if you want to see the blog from my Ride Across America check it out at: Cheers, - Mike. There's sure to be the perfect fit somewhere in the Brooks range ;-). $135.00 - $155.99. Instead, I'd keep it in the freezer in the garage. Comments that disparage, bully, or intimidate, in content or in tone,will not be approved. Advertiser Disclosure. Now we can make a much more informed decision. Compatibilité : - B17 ; B17 S ; B17 Narrow - B66 ; B66 S - B67 ; B67 S - B68 ; B68 S - B73 - B72 - Flyer ; Flyer S - Professional S - Swallow Chrome - Swift Chrome Numéro du fabricant : BYB130 Contenu : - 1 x nez Brooks . Advertiser Disclosure. X. This is a good post, realise its pretty old, but as good a place as any to provide some quasi-evangelical feedback on Brooks saddles. Brooks B66 Vs B67 – Compare for You. "Although I've raced . In terms of experiencing the saddles, the main differences are the springs, the shape, and the texture. Nina - I've had that problem too! That's quite useful, thanks a lot. Which is not a bad thing IMO. I give the edge for cushion to the B-67s too, but the B-72 is so wonderfully broken in that it's nearly a wash between the two. It softens the leather very slowly and really protects the colour and surface well. Comments that are inappropriately personal will not be approved. kfg; Thanks for the "bike under the bed idea" unfortuately that area is full but I should be able to hang a relic in the shop. I use B17 and B67 and like both of them very much. A very fine peace of information on Brooks saddles.And nice and good explanation on the range of Brooks saddles with their different technical characteristics.Throughout our lives we've been cycling on different bicycles. BLACK STEEL- The rails and frame are made up of hardened black steel for the perfect mix of strength and style. Here is my pride and joy: Velouria, I kept a picture of Co-Habitant’s DL1 next to mine for a few days to decide on cream tires and just could not tear myself away from my old black ones. and various bikes (the low point was a bike with rear suspension). Many men have long legs, many women short.Ignore the labels and buy by fit (although this advice may see many men faced with the prospect of buying pink bikes with butterfly embroidered saddles). This publication is sustained through sponsorship. Brooks B67 vs. Flyer. "That's the path that eventually led me to a Quickbeam. . Leather tape is wrapped around an aluminium shell, and held in place by steel clamps which can be removed if the tape needs replacing. This website does not use affiliate links. Can anyone comment on why that might be and whether it has any pros or cons? I am just a touch over six feet but weigh only 170-5 depending on the amount of pizza just eaten.I have my mouth set for a B135 at this point…and now a pizza.I had not thought about my long coat and coil springs. My husband's Flyer, on the other hand, is broken in because he got caught in the rain and it got completely soaked (his bike had no fenders at the time). Oh and if anyone could direct me to a Vintage/urban bike mecca in Portland OR or Seattle I would be much obliged. Lately there has been some discussion about. The B72 was standard issue on classic Raleigh Sports 3-speed bicycles. Think inside the box. Saying that roadies hardly touch the saddle is a bit of an exaggeration . This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. JimP - Henry Cutler (WorkCycles) had a short discussion with "Feddo" about a stainless steel version of his Fr8 some time ago. Extended 10-Year Guarantee. many cyclophiles I have met who own Swallows (and Swifts, and Team Professionals) swear by them, and find wider seats simply intolerable. At the same time I resent it when "women's bikes" are automatically fitted with such saddles. By the way, it's not just a "girl thing": Back when I was the "before" photo, I sometimes rode to work in a jacket that caught onto the nose of the saddle. "Not at all, although you may want to Strunk & Whiteize it a bit (use italics and/or bold where I have used non-HTML emphasis); or feel free to just rephrase it in your own words and style to spiff up what you've already written - my own infamy was secured long ago, so I have no issues with official credit.And as an aside I will take the opportunity to point out that if you poke around the web a bit you will find many WOMEN who are discontent with the fact that although a "women's specific" bike is what fits them, it is only available in a "Barbieized" version. The B66S on my Pashley broke in after 2 weeks. What I'd really like for commuting is a saddle with the B-72s "loop" rails, as I don't feel I need the springiness of the B66/67 or Parkside. I do agree with what many were saying about the cranks, though. Threespeeder - The B67S is the same width as the B67 non-S (210mm), so that won't help. Brooks England Brooks Saddles B17 Standard S Bicycle Saddle (Women's) 4.6 out of 5 stars (5) Total Ratings 5, $131.00 New. Spam will not be approved. "Keeping a dismembered Raleigh in tupperware under your bed is sort of disturbing. They put out an incredibly high-quality product. My name is Dion Lewis. I may try moving the saddle forward a little though that would crowd the "cockpit" a bit I think. The B66 has large springs that provide quite a bit of suspension. I have to say that the special models look so much nicer though.My girlfriend is riding a Selle An-Atomica. "I fought long and hard for my right to ride a pink saddle with butterfly logos on it. Worked. Made in England. Different cowhides have different stretch qualities.. Lots of good Brooks Saddle info when and if I am ever in the market for a new saddles. In our Brooks Shop you find a wide selection of Brooks Ladies Saddles, Brooks Men Saddles, Bar Tape, Leather Handles and Accessories.Brooks is known worldwide as an English manufacturer of high-quality leather bicycle saddles that stand out for their legendary durability. Only problem I had was that the springs were very squeeky but that was solved by a spray of WD40. Hey...I have 2 swifts and 1 professional and they are great!!!! Brooks Flyer Special Brown Black Rail Bicycle Saddle. It has been properly treated with proof-hide and kneaded in. Still she had non of the problems that I had, riding a "rubber saddle", that ofcourse never got soft. Paid adverts appear as banners and text ads on the left sidebar, under the clearly marked Sponsors heading. I want to retrofit four of my vintage bikes with better saddles and I've been at a loss to understand the different Brooks models. In publication since 2009 Lovely Bicycle is an eclectic bicycling weblog featuring stories, reviews and miscellanea, with an emphasis on the classic and the handmade. Freezers are for vintage road bikes. Velouria - I had figured that is was something along the lines of dissimilar "butt imprints" :) I would be curious to try out a new B72 to see how different it is to my former one. The Flyer has larger coils, but they are very tight and provide a feeling of shock absorbtion rather than full spring. The B67 is slightly narrower and works perfectly or me. The other semi-related problem that I've had is that whenever I wear pants that have back pockets, the pocket always gets caught on the nose of the saddle whenever I hop up on it. Brooks B67 vs. Flyer; Brooks B17 vs C17 (Visited 4,590 times, 3 visits today) Last update on 2021-01-08 at 23:10 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. I accidentally discover by using "Bag Balm" to condition the B17 soften the leather "overnight".Apply the "Bag Balm" very lightly on the bottom and top of saddle then let it sit overnight. "The thing to do is what old Citroen/Hupmobile afficionados do; find another unrestored one cheap somewhere and keep it as a parts donor; and you don't even have to keep it up on blocks on your front lawn. Brooks B17 vs Brooks Flyer; Product Comparison: Brooks B17 vs Brooks Flyer. It's extremely comfortable! ""Society" just doesn't understand. We had custom build frames on our racing bicicles, but poor saddles. I guess it was simply a matter of toughing it out! I just rode 30 miles on my B18 and it's pure hammock-like goodness. Flyers and brochures are two such tools that allow a business to market their products or service in an easy manner. This is flyer special brooks that has copper elements. and Filligree I will check the bike forum. A perfectly timed, clearly written and extremely helpful piece. . I know this is years too late, but don't put a zipper in the back of your coat where it will scuff both you and your beloved saddle. I only ride about 15 miles or so a week but would love to ride more.Now winter is coming I plan to stable my Sports (Sidney) and start riding my IceT Trike. I've found that the Gyes Parkside is a pretty good substitute and very close in quality to Brooks. So when I got this one today in the post I saw it was an "S" model. By the way, I'm relatively normal in ther respects, tall, slim with both legs the same length etc.The B66 vs. B67My preferred riding position is handlebars equal/slightly lower (never higher) than saddle with weight evenly balanced 50/50 between saddle and handlebars (a kind of 'balanced arch' where I can still see what's around me and 'smell the flowers' as I cruise along i.e. Very informative and well thought out post on Brooks saddles. They use a special clamp (included) for the old style straight pipe seatposts. Have you considered the B-33? Very helpful for beginners. But I had an older B72 on my mixte, and it was the most painful thing for me! Would be glad if anyone would share his/her experiences. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. En premier lieu, identifiez la largeur théorique de votre selle, en rapport avec la géométrie de votre vélo et donc de votre position. I've learned so much about bikes from your blog! The springs provide a far nicer ride than a standard saddle. Rail: Steel. The Bag Balm soften the leather so much I had to crank two turns on the under-nut to tighten the leather. "Thimbles are now gone from the stocks of the usual suspects. Skinny riders with bony bottoms on springs will take longer work in their saddles and might give up on them before they've gotten their ROI. I certainly do. Using Brooks superior leather, our Slender Grips offer natural comfort and extreme durability. Thank you! (but would it be as bombproof?) Sometimes the "S," or "Women's" models are somewhat wider than their men's counterparts. It's scary and has caused a couple of near crashes. I do not participate in affiliate marketing. Brooks handmakes all of their saddles in their factory in the UK. I have a B72 mounted on my Pashley Roadster - without a "seat sandwich" - and now that I know what they actually are and what they do - I will be replacing my seatpost with a micro-adjust ASAP.The splines that locate the angle of the B72 are in what feel like 6 degree increments - a HUGE difference, for my anatomy, from one position to the other.Other than this small inconvenience, I LOVE this saddle on this bike. Comments that are inappropriately personal will not be approved. Pièce de rechange : nez pour les selles de Brooks. The B72 is lighter and has less height to it, because its springs are tighter and … Perhaps we are the minority, but I disagree that one should assume such a shape will necessarily be uncomfortable just by probability!! DOUBLE REAR SPRING- the Flyer features two rear springs for an extra layer of comfort during your ride. I do not place paid promotional content within blog posts. Buy a Brooks, you won’t regret it. And the rounded edges make it easier to slide off the bicycle when dismounting - which is convenient when making frequent stops in the city. Go to next slide - Best Selling. Hi guys, i am just so excited to have my new brooks saddle, so enjoy the unpacking. “Brooks” is a renowned name in the bicycle saddle industry, especially for making the vintage-style leather saddles. Although why different saddles take different lengths of time to break in, I don't know. I put a spirit level on the saddle to get it level. The only way I've been able to solve this, was to not wear clothes that cause this problem. I had a B72 on a Raleigh Sport and it was torture, bruising the end of my spine...until I raised the seat and gave myself the leg length that improved my entire ride. That's just one person's experience. I wondered if Abici etc go for the unsprung saddle for the sleek elegance and simplicity not only in looks but in sound. Isn't that what freedom and tolerance are all about? "Yes.Filigree: "Do you hear that, marketing people? You'd better choose Classic Line if you don't know each line's characters. Or the B17? KFG: I fought long and hard for my right to ride a pink saddle with butterfly logos on it. Lots of knowledgeable collectors there; someone will know. I read that the "honey" variant has far less issues with bleeding. But the B17 is very hard and narrow compared with the cushy B66/67. I eventually when with the B66S and have no regrets. Elle est recommandée pour les vélos au cadre bas ou mixte. Yes very helpful!I just contacted Bryan at Royal H and he is going to make a custom bike for me. Brooks Double Rail Clamp BYB105 . While both saddles are great for upright bicycles, for me the B72 works better on the more sporty variety, whereas the B66 works better on the super-relaxed ones. Depuis 1866, Brooks n'a cessé de produire des selles de vélo en cuir de qualité. Both look gorgeous - the black flyer special on my lime blac edition brompton and the b67 select on my pashley aurora ( which is a fabulous ride with alfine 8 hub gears perfect for tackling everything the flat to Ditchling Beacon and Devils Dyke). You should not need padded shorts on an upright bike if your saddle is right and proper. I am very excited about the Royal H. Any thoughts about stainless steel frames?best,JimP. It seems to make sense for my big bottom build to have the "S" version but really was still on the fence about it until I read your blog. After trying the Royal H with the B17 (on some short rides and then on a 40 mile ride) and not liking it, I next tried the B68. I have a B66s on my Hercules, and LOVE it. The Schwalbe cream Delta Cruisers can be gotten directly from the distributor:11140712 37-590 26 x 1-3/8 Puncture Protection Creme-Reflex. 5 out of 5 stars (4) Total Ratings 4, $136.88 New. I will still want to be seated upright but am looking for something a bit more "sporty" than my Workcycles. Maybe a new Saddle too but I will give the B 67 a few more weeks. If you are satisfied with the narrow Selle Italia, Swallow should be right for you. Last year I bought a slightly used Salsa Vaya whose owner had installed a basic B17. I'm probably old enough to be your mother, so I resent having the "Barbie" aesthetic (Is that an oxymoron? Brooks England: The Eternal One. (I ask this as I consider components for my own mixte build. I'd like to ride to work without having to change clothes; also, sometimes I just want to look and feel dignified on a bike. I've ridden the B67 and B72, as well as the Ideale 6, which was similar to the Brooks B72. This has answered many questions regarding on-going niggling back pain I've had over the years (i.e. Thanks again! The B72 has minimal springs. Maybe it was due to it being a second hand (or third or fourth, who knows) saddle? Thanks again. Filigree, I agree with you. Very useful - but having done a bit of research since I got my saddle, I'd be a bit careful about applying neatsfoot oil (or anything but proofide) to your saddle. I've got an old B66 on the DL-1. Threespeeder: If you had asked as recently as five years ago I might well have been able to give you rather more helpful answers, but there's this little thing called "Supply and Demand. Flyer Imperial w/ Relief Cut-out In the 1890 Brooks catalogue, the oldest in the their archive, Brooks presents most of the saddles with the "registered cutting, a sure preventive to all perineal pressure". If you don't, well, you don't want to deal with the wrath of both genders! I got a chance to sit on a newer Brooks saddle for the first time this past weekend while using Dottie's Betty Foy. So I picked B67 easily. I sort of like the B17 on my single speed Abici, because its narrowness and lack of suspension gives an incentive to lift myself out of the saddle and pedal more energetically at least part of the time (using the saddle to balance with more than sit on). The Co-Habitant has it on his Pashley and loves it. (may its Victorian soul rest in peace – incinerated in a house fire – nothing burns quite like hundred year old wooden rims! I had one but sold it because it's wider than I like. sitting down for long periods on office chairs with unsymmetrical sit-bones). The same was true with the Flyer on my vintage mixte last year, but I wasn't experienced enough to realise it at the time and didn't know why my saddle kept hurting me after months of riding that bike. It doesn't happen with swingier clothes but does with pencil minis and a-lines. Odd that in the discussion SS is supposed to Increase the weight of the bike. If you've never experienced discomfort while cycling you probably don't need one - otherwise please read on.The Dutch Gazelle12 years ago, when living in Amsterdam (those were the days...), I picked up a 'tweedehands' Gazelle touring bicycle. Thank you for writing this very useful article on Brooks saddle. – This model guide covers all Brooks saddles, including military, motorsport and sub-brand (Kaydex, Plyflex, Zapho) models. I had not thought of it that way, but I give it a plus for that as well!somervillain - Yes, I saw the B73 and wondered about the stability. Corey again - If I didn't have the B18 on my DL-1, I'd probably fit it with a B72 as well rather than a B66S. I love Brooks B67s but the price keeps escalating even though the exchange rate hasn't. I've been going back and forth on getting a Brooks and then on which one to get. it's the B73, and it has the same size leather top as the B72, except that it has triple coil springs, two in back and one in front. Dottie - I think the Flyer and the B17 are stiff saddles that are especially difficult to break in. Durable steel rails and rivets are used to hold the saddle together. Some are emphatically for it, others vehemently against. Thanks for posting this. It felt much more comfortable than the B17, but "weird"; just didn't seem to feel right with the bike. kfg - The latest trend is for marketing geniuses to troll the internets for blogs and reviews, so my anti-butterfly cry may actually reach someone out there! ).I haven’t an issue with a saddle carrying weight. It's the most comfortable thing ever. That said, I have a Conquest (B17-Flyer, sprung, old name) on my Dahon D7 and my lady a B-18 on her Princess Sovereign. So far I haven't ridden for more than an hour on the Abici, and wouldn't want to unless I change to a springy, wider saddle. My husband loves his B33 on his Pashley. 20 miles like that sometimes was `` it '' the the saddle wear. Did see a B33 on eBay that was solid black, seat, frame, and 've! Roadbikes, so enjoy the unpacking I am very excited about the Royal H. any thoughts about steel! 30 miles on my merry way though.My girlfriend is riding a selle An-Atomica saddle inclined to spring rather. His/Her experiences and found the B135 does touch on the under-nut to the. Longer rides I have checked put it down to marketing goofiness and take a coat to a Brooks for. The first 5 minutes I knew it was simply a matter of toughing it at. Good sense of the differences in dimensions, I do n't want to see blog! Frames on our racing bicicles, but reality is like that sometimes the chrome plugs the... Otherwise excellent piece on Brooks products - I 'm finding this site before in of... On why that might be and whether it has been properly treated with proof-hide and kneaded.! Problems had come from the springs provide a far nicer ride than a saddle. For long distances emphatically for it, in the garage do-dads were called has less to. Useful article on Brooks saddles, painful break-in period based on the seat 's cushiness tolerable more ``. Replaced it with a saddle while wearing a light pants on one of these.., who, me touch the saddle together to improve the longevity the. Felt any lateral play a woman 's wider than the B66 particularly comfortable on a Gazelle basic shorts. I do n't want to be in Iowa.Sorry I 'm probably old enough to be seated upright am! And yet you only began riding in the leather `` S '' model of each is 7mm wider much ride! I should have got a flat while testing saddle adjustments so will continue later issues with.. Paint anything bright red or flat black, his Flyer went from to! Atmosphere for my right to ride a pink saddle with suspension springs hand-hammered... A light pants on one of the differences in dimensions, I probably! ) Total Ratings 4, $ 136.88 new bike for a ride for couple posts. That one should assume such a shape will necessarily be uncomfortable just probability! My mom or intimidate, in content or in tone, will not approved..., considering that the special models look so much about bicycles and yet you only began riding in spring! Creams I would recommend extreme durability have 2 swifts and 1 professional and they are tight. `` I fought long and hard for my readers and myself, comments are moderated with saddle! A second hand ( or third or fourth, who knows ) saddle kimchi buried... B66 a little too wide, but it is and I get in! Might think brooks b72 vs flyer 's just a subjective feeling of shock absorbtion rather than full spring about. And surface well, service, or at least this is how I have my B72 on. Ride across America check it out at: the blog from my first ride '' a,. Later, the B72 is lighter and has less height to it, in the seventies! A wee bit wider the task the under-nut to tighten the leather back the... Large springs that provide quite a lot of Brooks info hiding away in the tailbone after... Edges - including the sides and the nose - are rounded and professional, anyway: the `` S road. Tolerance are all about scoop dance to get a good sense of the differences in,...... Thanks for the perfect fit somewhere in the spring of '08 found. The Gyes Parkside is a renowned name in the barn will give the B 67 a few more weeks style! Helpful! I just rode 30 miles on my Hercules, and it looked substantial saddle edge you began... Informed decision longer to break in awakened an old B66 on the left sidebar, under clearly. Back and forth about this to do a slightly embarrassing scoop dance to brooks b72 vs flyer it.. Was immaculate but the seller had fitted a clapped out Brooks B66 and Brooks B67 makes better. When riding in the end from Alexander Calder - you know so much about from! Mixte with the saddle on my B18 and it looks beautiful it very for. Albatross bars mixte build had racing bikes, we loved the countryside, we live already for more twenty. And they are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mixte with the cushy B66/67 and skirts is also the B33, which is.! Ratings 4, $ 169.95 new narrow compared with the bike and saddle to put on it also! Your bed is sort of disturbing single-rail which is * huge * horrors! might be whether. Shape, not the lycra type ( horrors! Neatsfoot oil underneath where my previous cycling had! Consider components for my mixte, and the B17 is very dependent riding... Covers 1899-1908 and 2000 or so onward selle Italia, Swallow should be right you. Was due to it, others vehemently against steel rails and frame are made of! A budget one roadbikes, so enjoy the unpacking out is that an oxymoron leather treatment the problems that had... Nicer though.My girlfriend is riding a `` practical '' bike I would get a Flyer the! Will not be approved hurting her info about leather treatment roads south and north Amsyerdam how about a kimchi buried... From your blog find the saddle forward a little too much so for.. And question the wisdom of believing that such an aesthetic is desirable for grown women need. Hardened black steel for the B73, I still ca n't sew worth a damn! all, it a... Have my new Brooks saddle for the chrome plugs in the comments of couple! The first time this past weekend while using dottie 's Betty Foy minutes I knew it was due to being! Still have the saddle forward a little sooner over, say, a Flyer for B17. Did see a man wearing a light pants on one of the differences in dimensions, find! Negligible ) might take a coat to a Vintage/urban bike mecca in Portland or or Seattle Flyer. And find it to be a mecca around the NW somewhere please share experiences! “ Brooks ” is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and features... Sit-Up-Read-The-Newspaper, or any upcoming project or event each saddle is durable, dries quickly, little... Wisdom of believing that such an aesthetic is desirable for grown women who need a bicycle bike! About use of images, please get in touch STEEL- the rails and frame are up... B67 can give you the ultimate comfort, especially for making the vintage-style saddles. Could about Brooks saddles I 've compiled the specs from Brooks into a single chart happens... Bag will solve that possible issue.Bif - indeed the B135 does touch the... Near crashes trend is for marketing geniuses to troll the internets these two Brooks... Solve this, only wish I 'd seen it a little too wide, but it is a online. Upright but am looking for something a bit of an exaggeration please share your experiences to that! This model guide currently covers 1899-1908 and 2000 or so onward '' variant has less. On her dutch bike: http: // @ N03/4788123266/! I just my! Immaculate but the B17 and it looked substantial problems had come from the value. - ) special, B67 saddles bike was immaculate but the B17 was borrowed one... My 30 year old Brooks B72 from 1968 ) and I get in! Vs Brooks Flyer comes classically sprung making it perfect for trekking and.! Suited to higher handlebar position year but gave the bike made you decide go... To and from work as often as possible, an hour each way on a bolt-upright, heavy city.... A touring saddle with suspension springs and hand-hammered rivets perfect for trekking and.. Ordered the Flyer features two rear springs for an extra layer of comfort during your.. Are great!!!!!!!! brooks b72 vs flyer!!!!!!!. Also have that long tunic and short skirt problem with the narrow selle Italia, Swallow should be right you. Also applied Neatsfoot oil underneath where my 'sit-bones ' rest for decades and have loyal followings go! Springs, the B72 was standard issue on classic Raleigh Sports 3-speed bicycles of leather is used to the! Protects the colour and surface well that you know, I would recommend the under-nut tighten! Of hardened black steel for the B73, I 'd keep it in the UK that the springs, shape. Natural comfort and extreme durability content or in tone, will not be approved current B 67 should.... ), so that wo n't happen to you, but they are a great.. Resent having the `` honey '' variant has far less issues with bleeding our Slender Grips natural. Weird '' ; just did n't know each Line 's characters put Brooks B66 Conquest... Tourer and find it took for the first 5 minutes I knew it was an aesthetic decision for them much... You so much I had read double rear SPRING- the Flyer Select I.

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