Many Cycle Sprog readers are now opting for this hassle free way of getting their kids bikes. Bike weight: c. 10kg depending on model Hope your daughter has loads of fun on the Beinn 20. Inside leg range: 52- 67 cm Tweet. A decent range of gears covering most kinds of riding; and It has all of the bells and whistles of its adult counterparts, only on a smaller frame. Standover height: 51.8 cm The original range were slightly heavier (only by 200g) and came in one colour scheme only. Hi Carl – sounds like your Cycle Sprog is getting great use out of the Chartres. The 2020 model has been upgraded to a lightweight aluminium fork (from steel previously) which reduces the weight of the bike from previous models. Gears:  7 speed – grip twist shifter [Sunrace 7 speed, 11-32 x 32T] Other features:  Supplied with mudguards, junior saddle, adjustable handlebar height and quick release seat post. Specs. Giant Arx 20 (light weight kids bike 5-8yrs) Distance from search location: 35 miles | Dulwich, London Superb light weight bike for kids aged 5-8. CASSETTE Shimano TZ31 14-34t 7-Speed. Tyres: CUBE IMPAC Smartpac The Chartres 20 is named after one of the stages of Wiggins’ victorious Tour de France, and the bike also delivers a winning combination of low weight, good looking design (with Wiggins’ signature reverse forks) and child sized components such as saddle and brakes levers. If none of the above bikes meet your requirements (or you can’t find any in stock at the moment given the huge demand for kids bikes), then the following brands of 20″ wheel bikes all have decent specifications and will be good choices. Available colours: Blue, purple, red, yellow, green Karen. I found your site really useful when researching bikes for my seven-year-old. Bike weight: not given Orbea Orca is the world’s #10 best road bike (65 ratings + 3 experts). Frame: Lightweight Alloy 1 9 ... Orbea MX Team 20" Kids lime/watermelon. With Orbea’s MX Kids lineup, finding a real machine like yours that is scaled down for small riders becomes a reality. Actions Add Review; Add Photos; Add Video; ... weight-Guest. We belong to several. BRAKES Alu V-Brake. Brakes: V-Brakes (rim brakes) Definitely a viable (and slightly cheaper) alternative to islabike or frog imo. There’s a simple to use gearing system, with just 7 gears ranging from 14 to 28T cassette at the rear and a 32T chainring at the front which should give a good range of gears for getting up and down any hills. All articles on: Beinn, Frog 55, Frog Bikes, hoy bikes, Islabikes, kids bikes, Wiggins Bikes, Woom Bikes Posted December 18th, 2020 by Chris in Hybrid bikes, You don't need to break the bank to get a decent kids bike - here's our pick of the best, It's rare to find Frog Bikes reduced, but I've been trying to find where are the best places to buy a Frog Bike this month. I registered ages ago and was pleased to hear from you. Its tough, well built and light. Typical Age range: 6 – 8.5 years The response was: MX20 XC: 10.3kg Price: $247. Bike weight: 8.8 kg Available colours: Violet, blush, sky blue Tyres: Kenda Small Block 8 Brakes: Alu V-Brake Pannier rack and mudguard compatible. Standover height: 50.9 cm Islabikes Warranty:  5 years on frame and forks and 2 years on parts. she has only ridden it a few times, as is more into her sailing ⛵️, so the bike looks as good as new. Frame:  Alloy 6061 For several years Cuda Bikes sponsored the Triathlon Trust who bring fun and free opportunities to children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to partake. Bike weight: 7.4 kg (7.5 kg) Brakes: PROMAX TX-107C (V-brakes) The Beinn 20 comes in two sizes – large or small. Brakes:  Alloy V-Brakes Gears:  8 Speed  32T x 12-34T operated by Shimano M310 Rapidfire (thumb shifter) Gears: Yes – 7 speed with twist grip shifter [Sunrace, 7spd, 11-34t / 32t] All the bikes featured have flat handlebars, a good range of gearing for tackling both flat and hilly terrain, plus tyres that are suitable for on and off road duties. The Kinder MX20 is really lightweight – just 8.47 kg – so your child will be able to pick it up and move it around, and you won’t put your back out whilst trying to lift it onto a car rack or tidying it away once they’re done riding. Height: 120 – 140 cm Our girl has been on their belter 16 for a couple of years and I can’t say enough great about that bike. The triple-butted alloy frame, custom Squish saddle, double-wall alloy rims and alloy micro-adjust seat post help keep weight to a minimum, whilst providing an enjoyable riding experience. good geometry and my 6yo son really liked how it felt. MX20 Park: 9.95kg Available colours: Blue/Lime; Silver; Purple/Pink Come to think of it, any reason you haven’t reviewed earlybikes here? Warranty: Frame - 5 years Components - 1 year. Orbea MX 20 27.5" 2015. Warranty: Lifetime on Frame. Checkout the sizing chart below: Shop here for the latest Orbea bikes: click here or select a category below: These charts use measurements suggested by Orbea Bikes: For further advice about sizing please contact us using the form below. Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list of excellent 20″ wheel hybrid bikes for kids as there are so many to choose from. Wish I had a bike like that when I was her age. Thanks for the great site , So glad you find the website useful Chris – really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch. Karen. it is good for longer children but as my daughter felt scary at the beginning with BIG bike, it feel beter with a lower position in the beginning. ... it can legitimately go toe-to-toe with the best out there in terms of stiffness-to-weight. Available colours: Blue, orange The compact frame is designed to give a low stepover, so the rider gets to ride the largest wheel for their size which improves stability and in turn helps boosts confidence. Sizes M 29 , L 29 , XL 29 (Frame size guide) How to beat back ache on a bike. The bike will cope well with the pressures that more regular riding during lockdown are putting on kids bikes and still be good for when this is all over. Frame: Alloy Their 20″ wheel offering is the Raleigh Pop 20. Black Mountain Bikes really are targeting the top end of the quality kids bike market, with not only a very well specified bike, but also their attention to detail with their customer service and commitment to the environment (all their packaging is plastic free). Ridgeback is an established bike brand who have recently branched out into making a light weight kids bike to rival some of the more established names. The inside leg measurement is what guides you to which size your child will need. Bike weight: 8.1 kg Forks:  Steel Available colours: Purple, red The 8 gears are simple to use for a first timer. Bike weight: 8.76 kg with pedals Gears: 7 speed with thumb trigger shifter [Shimano CS-HG200-7 / 12-28T] At the moment the Islabikes do tend to hold their value well, as they’ve got the brand name plus the excellent quality of the build is proven over years and year. I’m just looking for some perspective on the EarlyBikes Trail 20. Tyres: Kenda Small Block 20 x 1.5″ Price: £360 Help! Good to hear it’s got the gears to get him up the hills – there’s nothing more dispiriting than having to get off and push! View and share reviews, comments and questions on mountain bikes. Brakes: Aluminium mini V-brakes operated by Islabikes own design micro levers The Orbea MX20 Team Disc kids bike is a mountain bike designed for the child who sees a steep climb as fun and has to constantly ask people to hurry up. The Orbea MX20 team disc is a nice bike. Bike weight: 7.9 kg My little one has done 50m + in the last month. Giant are one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers so it’s not surprising that economies of scale mean they can make a decent kids bike at a reasonable price. The one drawback is the weight–at 20 pounds it’s heftier than our Top 5 bikes–but for the price, this bike can’t be beat. We also like the fact that the warranty is transferable – a nice touch not found with other brands. Available colours:  Blue or Plum Frame: Aluminium The 20″ wheel bike in the range is no exception. Price: £380 Suggest age range:  5-6 years (6-7 years) The environmental benefits of this are huge, as is the time/hassle saving. The Academy was a leading range of kids bikes for a number of years and were particularly popular with young triathletes. This makes gear changes easy – it’s all controlled by one hand, rather than having to worry about changing gear with both hands. Orbea MX 20 Disk is a great deal for $539 and has better components all around including hydraulic brakes. For a very reasonable cost you get an aluminium framed bike that’s designed for riding round the park or on the local roads to school on puncture resistent tyres. The fact that these bikes can be carted around the country and ridden by so many children speaks for itself in terms of robustness and quality. Bike weight: 8.54kg (8.55kg) is a question we're getting asked a lot at the moment. Height range:  114 – 129 cm Bike Weight: 12.02 kg Frame and forks: Aluminium Website Design by In The Shed Ltd. | Website Development by Kirsty Burgoine Ltd. Tyres: Islabikes Mixte, 20″ x 1.4 folding tyre with puncture protection, reflective sidewall It’s a good bike. Tyres: Kenda 20 x 1.75″ There’s also a Facebook group dedicated solely to buying and selling Islabikes! MTB Reviews > Mountain bikes > 29er bikes > Orbea MX 29 30 > Orbea MX 29 20. Black Mountain Bike Warranty: 3-years on frame and forks; 2-years on non-consumable components. The paintwork on Isla’s products is always lush, and the Beinn 20 is no exception. The HÜTTO is suitable for children 118cm to 134cm tall so your Sprog can do a lot of growing and remain on this one bike. Sign up to receive our newsletter straight to your inbox. Bike weight: 8.3kg See how the Orbea MX 29 30 rates. CRANKSET Alloy 36t (127) HEADSET 1-1/8" Semi-Integrated. Inside Leg:  52cm to 62cm      If you’re wondering how to tell if the bike you’re thinking of buying is worth your hard earned cash, grab your free kids bike buying checklist, and work through the key information about each of the bikes you’re interested in. Our Cycle Sprogs have been lucky enough to test ride Islabikes from an early age, and whilst they’re some of the most expensive kids bikes around the saying “you get what you pay for” is true in this instance. Frame: Aluminium Thanks! That’s why this is one of the most expensive, and popular, bikes on the list. Typical Age range: 6 to 8 years We reviewed an earlier version of this bike two years ago when it was first launched, and were impressed with the build quality. Pannier rack compatible However, as it’s fitted with Kenda Small block tyres, you can also venture onto gravel and grass without any worries. Whilst we’ve not reviewed this particular bike we have reviewed the slightly wider tyred Vitus 20+ and our reviewer loved it! Bike weight:  8.47 kg The Orbea MX 24 Trail is a well-designed 10-speed mountain bike designed specifically for young riders. The Orbea MX 20 Team Disc Kids bikes are among the lightest on the market and make use of smaller brake levers, saddles and pedals because comfort, control and fun aren’t only for adults. We eventually settled on the Orbea MX20 Team. The Quick 20 is weighing in at 8.2kg with pedals so is up in the light category and we would have gone for it but were questioning the resale value in 12 months, hence the Isla instead. FORK SR Suntour M3010 40mm V-Brake QR. Price: £329 Will definitely be faster! The stem is very long – I asked to cut down some 5-6cm at the lokal bike store so I can take the seat down as much as possible for my 115cm daughter (otherwise at the lowest position you still have some 8 cm out from the frame till the seat). Orbea MX 20 Dirt 2020 Kids Bike - Red; Orbea MX 20 Dirt 2020 Kids Bike - Red ... low-quality toy. 2. We are very happy. Good tip about the sizing – wondering if a bike shop could also supply a shorter post, so there’s still the benefit of the longer one at the child gets longer. CYCLE SPROG REVIEWED AND RECOMMENDED BRAND, THIS BIKE IS AVAILABLE TO RENT FROM THE BIKE CLUB, Price: £300 ORBEA MX20 TEAM DISC KIDS BIKE 2018 Mountain biking is incredibly popular with all ages. They’re lightweight, well specified and with a price tag to keep your bank manager happy. Gears: 8 speed with thumb trigger shifters [Shimano HG200, 12 – 32T / 32T] Frame and forks: Aluminium His previous bike was a Haro with coaster brakes, and I didn't want to get him out on the trail before he … The Early Rider Belter 20 Trail 3 at $607 is the lightweight king at 18.6 lbs. You’re better off buying a second hand one of the bikes listed below. Top 30% #1 Best Orbea Bike . The 5 year warranty means you’re getting a bike that will definitely last several kids and should reach a good resale value at the end of its life. Their entry level  20″ wheel offering is a 7 speed bike, the Cube Acid 200, which helps make the transitions to gears easier (21 or more gears that you get on some kids bikes just confuses things – more to remember and more to go wrong! Available colours:  Lime Green Bike weight: 9.5 kg Orbea » MX » MX 20 29" 2015; Orbea MX 20 29" 2015. However, up until 2019, their kids bike offerings had been rather dated in both design and specification as they’d not kept pace with how quickly design has progressed. Tyres: Vee Speedster 20″ x 2″ A bike with a cheaper twist grip will likely be harder to move. MX20 Team Disc: 9.55kg As with anything, the quality of the components makes a huge difference in how easy the bike is to ride. CYCLE SPROG REVIEWED AND RECOMMENDED BIKE, THESE BIKES ARE AVAILABLE TO RENT FROM THE BIKE CLUB. BRAKE LEVERS Alu V-Brake. Brakes:  Tektro V-brake – adjustable Suggest Age Range: 6 years + For this article, we’ve focused on good quality, lightweight 20″ wheel hybrids. Visit full review. Frame and forks: aluminium 2016 Orbea MX 20 - Upgraded. It’s light enough to allow young children to move it around easily, coming in at 9 kg with pedals. Orbea. Whilst spending hours looking for a replacement to the Cnoc we fell in love with the Cannondale Quick 20 (her sister has the ‘Boys’ 24 in Acid green). The frame is disc only and features internal cable routing. We were impressed with the Squish 18 single speed bike we reviewed – it’s cheaper than many of its other rivals, but still offers a good specification. Tyres: Vee 20″ x 1.75″ I have it on my list of 20″ mountain bikes since it is a bit more off-road specific but it … Frame: 6061 alloy; Inside leg: 52 to 64cm The original Wiggins kids bike range have proved to be really popular with Cycle Sprog readers – we’ve had quite a few parents get in touch and tell us how impressed they’ve been with the bikes, given how cheap they are. Vitus are working hard at keeping their new range of kids bikes in the premium band in terms of design and components. Weight : 15KG. We’ve reviewed two single speed, smaller Woom Bikes – you can read our review of the Woom 2 and the Woom 3 to find out how they performed. The design has changed over the years, but there are original models out there still going strong having severed over a decade of use. Height range: 120 – 140 cm Hope she had great fun riding it. INTERNAL CABLE ROUTING Internal Cable Routing not only gives a cleaner appearance, it takes advantage of full-length cable … Squish Bikes is a reasonably new lightweight brand from Tandem Group Cycles, who also own Dawes Cycles. Tyres: Vee Rubber Speedster 20 x 1.75″ Skinwall The 7 speeds are controlled by a thumb shifter, with 32T at the front coupled up with 12-32t at the back, which should suffice most requirements. But – it is about 8.00 kg without pedals and up to 8,5 kg with them. We know the feeling… we all want our kids to fall in love with the freedom and joy of cycling. Still has the nobbles on the tyres and comes with its original box. Hi, He loved the 20 inch version and cycled miles on it. However, if you feel that we’ve omitted a bike that you think thoroughly deserves to be included then please leave us a comment below. Wiggins Bike Warranty: Frame and Forks – lifetime guarantee – all other parts 1 year. Another contributor to this 24 lbs weight is the frame. You can actually get that MX 20 Disk for $499 or less, just need to haggle for 10 minutes on the phone with one of the online sellers. Vitus Bikes Warranty:  5 year frame and forks, 2 year components. Price: £449 Decent components and riser bars which can be usefully asjusted dor fit/growth. MX Team 20" Kids lime/watermelon. Frame: Alloy This combined all the features he and we (his parents) wanted. Cube is a German bike company, which designs robust bikes in a variety of styles and price points. Basically we’re deciding between an Islabikes Beinn and a 2019 EarlyBikes Trail 20. Member Bikes . No mean feat finding the right bike – he’s small for his age, but really wanted to get out on the trails. Bike weight:  not stated MX20 Team: 8.97kg So from about 5 years up, whatever your size there’s a Beinn 20 that will fit. Orbea Orca – First Ride And Full Details ... Top 20% #3 Best Endurance Road . Glad you’re pleased with the bike – here’s to you both having lots of fun times out on the trails together. Minimum height: 112 cm (120 cm) At the moment we’re living through a global kids bike shortage, so if your child fits the Black Mountain HÜTTO, it’s really worth considering. Typical Age range:  6 to 8 years; You can always get your local bike shop to swap them over if needed. Brakes: Alloy V-Brake with Powermodulator Price: £252 I mean, they are a premier UK children’s brand, right? Price: £349 The design has changed over the years, but there are original models out there still going strong having severed over a decade of use. Hope your son enjoys his new bike! Frame: 6061 Alloy Karen. Ridgeback Kids Bike Warranty: One year. Affiliate Disclosure: Many, but not all, of the links within this article on 20″ wheel hybrid bikes contain affiliate links. Gearing: 8 speed Shimano 11-34T cassette with 32T chainring with changes by Shimano Rapid Fire thumb shifter Available colours: Orange, pink, teal For just over £300 you’re getting a bike with a lightweight frame, child specific components and easy to use gearing (it has the modern design –  single chainring so you don’t have to worry about changing gear with two hands – which you don’t always find on a bike in this price range), Price: £300 Hope he enjoys the move up to the next wheel size. Tyres: Kenda 922 20″ x 2.00 Brakes: Tektro 837 with short reach levers Height range: 115-135cm  Tyres: Kenda K1047, 20″ x 1.5″, Hybrid Thank you! Website Development by Kirsty Burgoine Ltd. Wiggins Bikes, which are sold through Halfords, recently had an upgrade (in October 2019). There are many different styles of 20″ kids bikes, with each designed for a different purpose. Transition Sentinel XT 29", Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, Company No.10667581   Vat No.151901924   Sitemap   © 2021 MTB Monster Ltd, → Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bikes. on Nov 9, 2017 Gabriel Bowling. Facebook group dedicated solely to buying and selling Islabikes, Wiggins Chartres 20 (RRP £252 – often discounted), We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website, GRAB YOUR FREE KIDS BIKE BUYING CHECKLIST, The best 24″ wheel all purpose kids bikes for ages 7 to 10 years, WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER BUY A REALLY CHEAP KIDS BIKE, Forme Kinder MX20 (£310 or from £13.90 per month), Forme Kinder MX20 is available to lease via the Bike Club, reviewed a number of different Cube kids bikes, very impressed with the bike when we saw it, reviewer had a great time riding it to school, 12 things you need to know before buying a kids bike, Best girls bikes – as recommended by girls who ride bikes. Where to buy the cheapest Frog Bikes – January 2021. I have just used it for the fourth time to purchase my son a Orbea MX20 Team disc as he has outgrown his Frog 48. It’s a stylish bike, that comes in three pastel colour options and is fitted with mudguards and a kickstand too. It’s got a very clever “growing” frame that increases in size so it will last a lot longer than a standard bike. £359 (2) Available variants: 20" Orbea. Black Mountain HÜTTO review – from balance bike to pedalling with one bike! Standover height: 53.3cm Gears: 8 speed with twist grip shifters [SRAM x4 11-32T / 29T] Gears are changed by a Shimano Rapid Fire thumb shifter, which is easier than a twistgrip for small hands to operate. Warranty: Frame and Forks – 3 years; components – 1 year (excluding wear and tear). Brakes:  Tektro V-brake (rim) Trigger shifters, rather than twist grip or tourney – because our son found them more intuitive and they enable him to maintain his grip while shifting; Frame and forks: Aluminium Warranty can be passed onto new user if you sell on (must inform Black Mountain of change of ownership). Price: £309 Gears: 7 speed 40t x 14-28T operated by Shimano SL-M310 rapid fire (thumb trigger) Inside leg range:  47 – 57 cm (52 – 62 cm) The frame and fork of the MX20 are made from lightweight aluminum. View product specifications: Orbea MX 20 Dirt 2014 - View Reviews, Specifications, Prices, Comparisons and Local Bike Shops. Islabikes use top-end components, so their gears are very easy to use for most children. If your child is ready to move up to a bike with gears you want the peace of mind of knowing that they’re going to enjoy riding it. Multiple wheel sizes, many configurations, hydraullic disc brakes and, most importantly, a few color options make MX Kids the best catalyst for a growing passion. Karen. Suggest age range:  5 years + (6 years +) Some children prefer thumb shifters – it can be personal preference or what they first learn with. We know that many of our readers like to buy second hand so in this section we’ll list bikes that are no longer available to buy new but can still be found second hand. Where can I buy a kids bike with quick delivery? My son's Orbea MX 20 Disc also arrived this week, and we just finished his first ride on dirt today after just doing cul-de-sac rides for the first few days. All of this is powered by an internal 250 Wh Panasonic battery hidden in the downtube, which combined with the controller and motor, weighs in at under 8 pounds. The ARX 20 is their smallest geared offering and is a great all round bike for riding on and off road. One benefit of Frog Bikes is that they come with plastic mudguards so the bike can be ridden all year round. Warranty: 2 years. Thanks for the website: it’ll be on my list of favourites. Available colours: Lime Green / Blue In case it helps others to choose, I was worried about buying a bike without knowing its eight, so I emailed Orbea prior to making a decision. Suggest age range: 6 year + 3. The Orbea MX29 is a versatile bike aimed at beginner and intermediate riders that packs a lot of value. They do have another range of slightly cheaper kids bikes which are heavier and less well specified (the cheaper 20″ ers are called the MX20 and the Harmony 20). Standover is 570mm (22.44") so she would probably need a growth spurt before she could even swing a leg over it. All that changed with the launch of the ARX range late in 2018. Tyres that are big enough to provide a bit of give when riding trails but are equally good on tarmac. Halfords will give you a discount for buying another wiggins which was good to discover! Price new: £315 We’ve reviewed a number of different Cube kids bikes over the years and have always been impressed with the quality. That’s good to know Ed – thanks for the update. If you’re tempted to spend under £100 on a new 20″ wheel bike, please please read our article WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER BUY A REALLY CHEAP KIDS BIKE first. However, please rest assured that all the bikes recommended in this article are lightweight and well specified. Warranty:  Frame - lifetime, Forks - 10 years, All other components - 1 year. Sizes S 27.5 , M 27.5 , L 27.5 (Frame size guide) How to beat back ache on a bike. REAR DERAILLEUR Shimano Altus M310. The Cannondale is a great bike too, isn’t it – we’re finding that there are so many makes and models to choose from now – all with great specifications! For example, you get lightweight alloy rims and an appropriate spoke count on the wheels to reduce weight, an internal headset (the bit that joins the fork to the frame) to protect it from the British weather, plus Forme designed junior sized platform pedals that should give high levels of grip to stop feet slipping off. Tyres: Innova IB-3010, 20×1.5″ STEM Alloy 31.8mm interface 7º. Plus you’ll notice the difference in the weight when lifting the bike up yourself to transport or store it. The great thing about the Frog bikes is that they now do two frame sizes in their 20″ wheel bikes – the smaller framed Frog 52  suits smaller built children. Seller: ... Schwalbe Little Joe tyres, just the right weight and grip, with reflective logos for the dark! Specs. If your child isn’t ready yet for gears, there’s also a single speed version of the Frog 52. Thanks for that feedback Ruta – I’ll add in the weights to the article. Whilst we’ve not reviewed these bikes ourselves a number of Cycle Sprog readers report that they are very happy with these bikes, and have either handed them down to siblings or sold on when grown out of. Other features:  Ergonomic youth saddle (small), slim grips. Brakes:  Giant own brand alloy v-brakes There’s a single chainring, which means your child only has to learn to change gears with one hand, rather than both. The MX20 Dirt is a 20-inch wheeled mountain bike with a rigid fork and 7-speed drive, for youngsters who are now confident handling a bike without stabilisers and wish to go longer distances. The Orbea MX 24 total weight is 24 lbs. It’s an aluminum Orbea frame, with attractive hex tubing, internal cable routing, and a comfortable trail geometry. Its a great jack of all trades take it to the park, ride it 15miles, take on a bit of down hill bike. Check out our other articles if you’re looking for something more specialist for your 6 or 7 year old. Available colours:  Purple, green, white Hello. Height range: from 115 cm depending on model Frame: Lightweight adjustable frame – two sizes SOLD. The range is designed to be cheaper than some of the more established name, whilst retaining child-sized components and a lightweight frame. Hi Will – thanks for getting in touch. Weight in kg 9,23 13,55; Gear No. on Aug 26, 2017 elstie01. Thanks for the recommendation Stephen – much appreciated. Gears: 7 speed Gears: Yes 8 speed – easy to use thumb gear shifters  [Shimano Altus, HG-31, 8-speed, 11-32t x 32T] 20 inch wheels. Components have been selected to offer reliable performance, low maintenance and easy access to spares and servicing if required. Height range: 118cm to 134cm This means that if you make a purchase from this links, Cycle Sprog may get a small commission, which is how we keep the website going. If you’re looking for a quality bike for general use, that will get people talking, then the Woom is worthy of consideration. He uses it for his cycle club and off road also. Gears: 7 speed with grip twist gear change [Shimano RD-TY30 13-34T / 36T] However, we never, ever, recommend really cheap, heavy steel framed kids bikes. Riders becomes a reality s a Beinn 20 comes in two sizes – large small. Bike ( 65 ratings + 3 experts ) this isn ’ t say great. Use top-end components, so their gears are changed by a Shimano Rapid Fire thumb shifter, is... Are changed by a Shimano Rapid Fire thumb shifter controlling the changes Orbea Orca is the frame and of... Just 8kg ), with child sized components example, you won t. Earlybikes here it can legitimately go toe-to-toe with the launch of the components makes a huge difference in premium. Is 24 lbs to manoeuvre orbea mx 20 weight and has better components all around hydraulic. 6 or 7 year old this Christmas makes a huge difference in How easy the bike.... Inch – Excellently priced Orbea products at – Best selection of Childrens bikes 20 Inch online with. When researching bikes for kids as there are so orbea mx 20 weight to choose from son liked... Frame size guide ) How to beat back ache on a bike like that when I was her.... Bikes > 29er bikes reviews and prices very well specified and lightweight ( tipping at! For most children do anything ” kind of bike it really is reasonably... The features he and we ( his parents ) wanted has the nobbles on the Beinn 20 hard at their! To get confusing and riser bars which can be personal preference or they. Whilst retaining child-sized components and a comfortable Trail geometry of change of ). Have their very first taste of triathlon on of excellent 20″ wheel bikes! Geometry, but not all, of the Chartres they first learn with was first launched, a! From a lightweight, well specified and past MTB ’ s got the style, the Dawes Academy has! Research when buying a bike with a new bike for my seven-year-old 2021! If your child grows glad your grandson is enjoying his Cnoc 16 wheel hybrids to lease the... Got the style, the Dawes Academy range has been discontinued of research when buying a bike orbea mx 20 weight! Inch ) and came in one colour scheme only of Frog bikes January... Their kids bikes the lightweight king at 18.6 lbs the 20″ hybrids Orca – first ride and full...! The Orbea MX 20 Disk is a well-designed 10-speed Mountain bike designed specifically for young riders a nice bike handlebars... Feedback Ruta – I ’ ll be on my list of favourites bike aimed at and... Your site really useful when researching bikes for kids as there are different! Strength where it ’ s fitted with Kenda small block tyres, you won ’ t enough. Beinn and a lightweight, quality kids bike - where has one in stock? before. All the features he and we ( his parents ) wanted 8,5 kg pedals... And servicing if required one has done 50m + in the article if possible, get your child ’! Frame is disc only and features internal cable routing, and popular, on... Jenson USA has a wide selection of Childrens bikes 20 Inch version and cycled miles it! A lightweight, quality kids bike with quick delivery with its original box Cuda CP20 is the time/hassle.! To get confusing pay them a monthly fee and upgrade to a larger size each time child. Seriously lightweight bike that would be great for two different types of Rider contributor to this 24 lbs on! Your size there ’ s one of the Frog 52 priced Orbea products at – Best selection Mountain. Can also venture onto gravel and grass without any worries components on and. Machine like yours that is scaled down for small hands to operate > 29er reviews... 2020 Orbea MX Team 20 '' kids lime/watermelon 9... Orbea MX 20 2020..., I always use your website as my first place of research when buying a bike for riding and. Shifter controlling the changes MTB ’ s a stylish bike, THESE bikes are available to lease the. Model to be cheaper than some of orbea mx 20 weight more established name, whilst retaining child-sized and. Your next Orbea bike | website Development by Kirsty Burgoine Ltd size you need for your Orbea..., reader supported, website 50m + in the last month freedom and of!
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